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[사회]’Suspect of accusation’ Son Jun-sung summoned tomorrow… Kim Woong is also expected to attend this week

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Prosecutor Son Jun-seong, a close aide to Yoon, will be summoned to the Airborne Division tomorrow (2nd) in connection with the so-called ‘indictment’ that the prosecution instigated the accusation of passport personnel during the days of former Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol.

Rep. Kim Woong, who was designated for exchanging complaints with the hand prosecutor, is also expected to attend this week.

This is reporter Han Dong-oh.


The Senior Civil Service Crime Investigation Office is investigating Son Jun-seong, a human rights protector of the Daegu High Prosecutors’ Office as a suspect on this Tuesday, November 2.

The charges include abuse of power and obstruction of exercise of rights.

Prosecutor Sohn is accused of instructing his subordinates to write a complaint against passport personnel while serving as an investigative information policy officer at the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office in April last year, when Yoon Seok-yeol was former Prosecutor General.

In addition, he is also suspected of delivering related materials, such as a complaint letter, SNS captured photos, and real-name verdict, to Rep. Kim Woong.

Earlier, on October 20 and 23, the Airborne Service requested an arrest warrant and an arrest warrant for Sohn, but both were dismissed by the court.

The court dismissed the arrest warrant, saying that it is difficult to see that there is a risk of destroying evidence or running away, considering Prosecutor Sohn’s statement that he will faithfully participate in future investigations.

In this investigation, the Ministry of Air Transport is planning to investigate whether subordinates were instructed to write a passport accusation letter and collect related data, or whether it was passed on to Rep. Kim Woong.

In particular, it is expected that there will be an intense investigation into whether there is a superior who ordered this.

Previously, Prosecutor Sohn claimed that the telegram message with ‘Send Jun-seong Son’ in the interrogation of the suspect before the arrest could be a ‘return’ dimension that someone gave back to him, not the first one he sent.

Rep. Kim Woong, who was accused of exchanging complaints with the prosecutor, is expected to attend the Airborne Service this week and be investigated.

It is known that Rep. Kim has finished coordinating the schedule with the Airborne Service, but neither Rep. Kim nor the Airborne Service have disclosed the specific time of attendance.

Rep. Kim is suspected of having communicated with someone in advance of writing and receiving the complaint letter and the prosecution office during a phone call with Jo Seong-eun, a whistleblower of the alleged indictment in April last year.

[김 웅 / 국민의힘 의원 (지난해 4월 3일, 조성은 씨와의 통화) : 고발장 초안을 저희가 만들어서 보내드릴게요. 자료들이랑 이런 것들 좀 모아서 일단 드릴 테니까 그거하고. 고발장을 남부지검에 내랍니다. 이 정도 보내고 나면 검찰에서 알아서 수사해준다, 이렇게 하시면 돼요.]

The investigation into the summons of Prosecutor Sohn and Rep. Kim, the key figures in the allegation of indictment, is expected to be a major watershed in the investigation of the Airborne Service.

This is YTN Han Dong-oh.

YTN Dongoh Han ([email protected])

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