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[사회]’Taxi driver assault controversy’ Lee Yong-gu’s expression…

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Inaugurated last December… Disgraced resignation after 6 months
He was caught in a ‘taxi driver assault case’ before taking office
Police closed the investigation… Controversy continues, including suspicion of investigation
High-ranking officials from the Ministry of Justice and the Prosecutors’ Office also resigned one after another


Vice Justice Lee Yong-koo expressed his resignation.

A taxi driver assault case caught the ankle, and after six months of taking office, he was eventually dismissed in disgrace.

With the resignation of senior officials from the Ministry of Justice and the prosecution continuing, a major change is expected in the regular personnel appointments of the prosecution, which will be carried out as early as next week.

This is reporter Woo Cheol-hee.


The Ministry of Justice announced the sudden resignation of Vice Minister Lee Yong-gu through a notice from the reporters.

Vice Minister Lee Yong-koo, who paid annual leave and did not go to work, said in a statement that the remaining one year of the Moon Jae-in administration, both the Ministry of Justice and the prosecution, were in desperate need of new innovation and leap forward.

In December of last year, Vice Minister Lee Yong-koo, who was appointed as the Vice Minister of Justice for the first time in 60 years from a non-prosecutor’s office, resigned from his position with disgrace just six months after taking office.

What caught my ankle was the assault case of a taxi driver in November last year while I was a lawyer.

The police closed the case at the internal investigation stage on the grounds that the victim did not want it, but since then, controversies such as errors in the application of the law, suspicion of negligent investigations, attempts to delete or conceal black box video, and false explanations by the police have continued.

[이용구 / 법무부 차관 (지난 1월) : (당시 택시기사와 협의하고 영상을 지운 게 맞습니까?) 아니요. 안 지웠어요. (영상이 제출돼서 다행이라고 한 건 어떤 의미인가요?) 객관적인 진실 발견에 도움이 된다는 취지죠.]

While both the police and the prosecution are investigating the case, Vice Minister Lee Yong-gu was summoned and interrogated by the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office on the weekend of the 22nd.

It seems that he has decided to resign after some observation that he will be sent to trial soon.

In the midst of this, following Vice Minister Lee Yong-gu, executives from the Ministry of Justice and the prosecution also submitted their resignations one after another.

For the first time at the high prosecutor’s level, Seoul High Prosecutor Cho Sang-cheol expressed his resignation saying that it was time to leave, and Kang Ho-seong, head of the Crime Prevention Policy Bureau, high-ranking Ministry of Justice, and Lee Young-hee, head of the corrections headquarters, also applied for honorary retirement, bringing up organizational reform and resolving the personnel backlog.

Justice Minister Park Beom-gye’s mention of a backlog in personnel and the prosecution’s personnel committee’s discussion of ‘destroying the horseman’ is an atmosphere that is accepted as pressure for high-ranking executives to resign.

With the resignation of Vice Minister Lee Yong-gu and the resignation of officials from the Ministry of Justice and the Prosecutors’ Office, the regular appointments of the prosecutor’s office as early as next week herald a major change of water.

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