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[사회]The first day of the 1st stage of keeping a new distance…wearing a mask at restaurants and cafes

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It became common to wear a mask… Employees’frequent’ inspection
Penalty fine for non-wearing masks in multi-use facilities from the 13th
Mandatory wearing masks for’general management facilities’ movie theaters
Fines for negligence when masks are not worn at restaurants and cafes


From today, a new distance system has begun.

In multi-use facilities such as PC cafes and restaurants, it is mandatory to wear a mask and manage the accessor’s list.

Reporter Jun-myeong Shin looked at the appearance on the first day of the implementation.


A PC room in Sinchon, Seoul.

As if users wearing masks are familiar, create a list of visitors with a QR code.

Wearing a mask and creating a list of visitors have become commonplace, but the staff checks the store from time to time to see if there are any users who take off the mask.

With the implementation of the new distance distancing, multi-use facilities, which were reorganized into two types, became mandatory from the first stage of distance distancing to wear a mask and manage the access list.

Starting on the 13th, if this is not observed, a fine of 3 million won or less to the operator and 100,000 won or less to the user will be imposed.

[강지희 / PC방 직원 : 대부분 다 잘 착용해주시는데 음식 먹을 때나 마실 거 주문하시면 마스크 벗는 경우도 간혹 있어요. 마스크 착용해달라고 한 번씩 말해주고 있습니다.]

The situation is the same for movie theaters classified as general management facilities.

Watching a movie for more than 2 hours while wearing a mask is inevitably frustrating and uncomfortable.

[윤종혁 / 경기 남양주시 별내동 : 답답한 것도 있을 순 있겠지만, 저 하나로 다른 사람에게 피해를 주면 안 되기 때문에 당연히 이런 부분은 지켜야 한다고 생각합니다.]

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Restaurants and cafes classified as priority management facilities also require masks.

However, since it is a place where people eat food, they often take off their masks and talk to each other.

[장의옥 / 식당 점주 : 손님들도 식사 전에 대화할 때도 있는데, 식사하는 저희 업종 같은 곳은 되게 불편할 것 같아요. 과태료까지는 좀, 정부에서 그렇게 말씀은 하시는데 그것까지는 좀 그렇네요.]

Putting a new distance that mobilized fines for a sustainable quarantine system as soon as possible.

In a situation where confusion is expected, the government plans to secure awareness and consensus by promoting the reorganization contents through briefings and online homepages.

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