[사회]”The first time in 3 years” … Citizens looking for a swimming pool at Hangang Park on holidays


The Han River Park swimming pool has been opened for the first time in three years since Corona 19.

Citizens who visit the swimming pool on holiday are jumping into the water without a mask to blow away the heat and stress.

Correspondents who are out in the field Connect with reporters. Reporter Hwang Bo Hye-kyung!


Yes, it is in the swimming pool of Yeouido Hangang Park in Seoul.


It seems that there are more people than in the morning,

Tell me about the atmosphere there.


Although it is a cloudy day, the sunlight is not strong, so citizens are coming to enjoy outdoor swimming even in the middle of the day.

Various water toys such as triangle pizza-shaped boats, ducks and dolphin tubes also catch the eye.

The faces of children and adults who enjoy swimming without a mask are full of joy,

Let’s hear the voices of the citizens.

[송라미 / 경기 안양시 : 한강 수영장 방문한 건 처음이고요, 코로나19 때문에 이런 데 자주 못 다녔는데, 풀려서 나오게 돼서 기분이 좋아요.]

[육민석 / 초등학교 5학년 : (날씨가) 흐려서 비 올까 봐 걱정했는데, 비도 많이 안 오고, 물도 차갑지 않고 괜찮았어요.]

The Han River Park swimming pool and water playground, which were suspended due to the impact of Corona 19, reopened after 3 years.

Here in Yeouido, there are 4 swimming pools in Ttukseom, Gwangnaru, Jamwon, and 6 swimming pools in Yanghwa and Nanji.

Citizens are also visiting the swimming pool.

An official from the Hangang Business Headquarters said that over 1,000 citizens visited the swimming pool in Yeouido Hangang Park for two days from the 24th.

The swimming pool here is divided into an adult pool and a toddler pool so that each age group can safely enjoy water play.

Although the swimming pool is outdoors, it is not necessary to wear a mask, but it is recommended to wear a mask if it is difficult to maintain a distance of 1m, or if it is difficult to maintain a distance of 1m, or for people at high risk of COVID-19 such as the elderly and those who are not vaccinated.

In addition, you must wear a mask when using indoor facilities such as changing rooms, restrooms, and shops.

The Han River swimming pool is open until August 21, and is available daily from 9 am to 7 pm.

Please enjoy the summer cool in the city pool, which has returned to the arms of citizens after 3 years.

Until now, this is YTN Hwang Bo Hye-kyung at the Yeouido Hangang Park swimming pool.

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