[사회]”Together with heart rather than meeting”…Seoul quarantine from the 1st of next month

From the 1st of the following month for 2 weeks, the’New Year’s Special Prevention Period’
The government “refrains from visiting hometown and relatives”… Corona 19 re-proliferation concerns
Implementing measures to reduce movement volume, such as collecting highway tolls
30% of gardens such as palaces and museums are open by reservation


Special quarantine measures in preparation for the Lunar New Year holiday coming one month in the future are also included in this proposal.

The government urged them to spend a’New Year’s holiday with hearts rather than meetings’ for the health of family and friends.

Reporter Jo Sung-ho.


The government has set a special quarantine period for two weeks starting from the first of the following month.

Like last Chuseok, he appealed to refrain from visiting his hometown and relatives and traveling.

Although the momentum of the 3rd pandemic has waned now, it is because we are worried that the nationwide movement during the Lunar New Year holiday will be another reason for re-proliferation.

[권덕철 / 중앙재난안전대책본부 1차장 : 설 연휴까지 3차 유행이 대폭 줄어들 가능성은 낮아 잘못하면 부모님과 가족 친지들 그리고 우리 이웃들이 위험해질 수 있습니다. 지금은 만남보다는 마음으로 함께할 때입니다.]

First of all, measures are taken to reduce the total amount of movement.

We decided to review ways to collect highway tolls, just like in Chuseok.

Railroad tickets sell only window seats, and the number of passengers on coastal passenger ships is managed at half the capacity.

Even at highway rest areas, we decided to only allow packaging sales to prevent people from gathering together.

Bongan facilities are operated on an advance reservation system for 5 weeks before and after Lunar New Year.

We also provide online services for those who cannot make reservations.

Nursing hospitals and nursing facilities with a high risk of group infection decided to recommend video calls rather than visits.

National and public cultural and artistic facilities such as palaces and museums can also be used by reservation at 30% of the capacity.

The government said, “If we make such efforts by the middle of next month, we can certainly overcome the third outbreak.”

This is YTN Sungho Jo.

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