“[서병기 연예톡톡] ‘Shuruop’ Hye-soo Kim, even a brisk walk is a great fight.” – The Herald Economics

A scene from tvN’s Saturday and Sunday drama ‘Shloops’.

[헤럴드경제 = 서병기 선임기자] tvN Saturday and Sunday drama ‘Shuruop’ is the turbulent court battle of Hwa-ryeong Im (played by Kim Hye-soo), a heavy warrior who jumps into a fierce royal education war for troubled princes.

It is a drama in which Kim Hye-soo works hard. His quick walk, which appears several times in one episode, symbolizes the atmosphere of the whole play. It’s almost warning level.

If it is an elegant and dignified Jungjeon, you should walk leisurely. But even if you walk fast, it is justified. This is because he has to protect the princes from Dae Dae (Kim Hae-Sook), Yeong Eui-Jung Hwang Won-Hyeong (Kim Eui-Sung), and Yeong Eui-Jeong’s daughter Hwang Gwi-In (Ok Ja-Neon ), who constantly threaten him and his sons.

When Hwaryeong’s eldest son, the Crown Prince (Bae In-hyeok), could not keep his seat and fell ill, Hwaryeong appeared before the servants who called for the deposed crown prince, and his charisma continues.

“What a waste, what a waste! Do you want our Crown Prince dead now? They say that Jongmyo and Sajik are the cause, but when you look at what they are doing now, it seems that they are nothing more than thieves trying to rob the king of what they want to gain by oppressing the king. Raising the ailing crown prince is what keeps Jongmyo Sa in office. “

Hwaryeong, who can say these things in front of ministers about her son, is cool as a referee and also as a mother. Every word and sentence conveys Hwaryeong’s emotions, giving Hwaryeong anger and excitement.

A scene from tvN’s Saturday and Sunday drama ‘Shloops’.

The power struggle intensified with the death of the Crown Prince. Crown Prince Jabin and Wonson, who was also dethroned, were also doomed to die the moment they were pushed out of the palace, but were moved to a safe place in the Hwaryeong center. The best observation point is what kind of choice Hwaryeong will make, who has to protect her loved ones in the dark.

Hwaryeong must compete with the concubines and their sons. If he cannot make one of his sons the crown prince, he will have to give up his middle position. If he can’t keep his position in the middle of the battle, it means that his son, Grand War Mamma, is also in danger.

In the 8th episode, broadcast on the 6th, while the crown prince was decided with ‘Taekhyun (擇賢)’, which is ‘choose a virtuous person’, the curtain for the crown prince competition to choose the crown prince by competing with him. his abilities have risen. In today’s way, it’s a survival audition program.

In the competition, different missions were prepared to check not only the wisdom obtained from the book of Confucius and Mencius, but also the physical strength. However, contention is overheated and negligence is involved. Seongnam Dae-gun (Moon Seong-min), Jung-jeon’s second son who was auditioning on horseback, caught a group of thieves who were shooting arrows, and there was a behind-the-scenes preparation. In addition, Uiseong-gun played an unfair game by poisoning horses other than his own.

The clash of heavy battles and opposites is the greatest tension and fun in this play. “Because I hate you so much” (Dae-in), “I heard you admit that the death of Crown Prince Tae-in is a big deal” (Jung-jeon). In the end, Dae-da tells Jung-jeon, “Shut your mouth,” and hits him.

It is fortunate that Kim Hye-soo and Kim Hae-sook took the middle and Dae-jae roles. Even when two people face each other, the charisma of one side is not weakened except for sparks. Heavy war creates tension as he faces the threat of ruthless opposition. They have no choice but to engage temporarily in a political ‘negotiation’ or ‘deal’.

Hwaryeong is the owner of a strong inner side, willing to do anything to protect those she loves. ‘Llwyn’ is an old word for an umbrella. It would mean protecting all of the sons under their umbrellas. She is the mother who conveyed her sadness at the death of the Crown Prince with a howling cry like an animal.

A scene from tvN’s Saturday and Sunday drama ‘Shloops’.

It’s not just that children are strict and determined. Gyeseong Dae-gun (Yoo Seon-ho), who dresses alone as a woman, has a very dangerous secret at the time, and he approaches with warm love.

Kim Hye-soo shines with acting that breathes life into the character of Hwaryeong, who is a mother who must protect her children. Thanks to this, the ratings continued to rise, and episode 8 recorded 13.0% based on households in the metropolitan area.

However, ‘Shrup’ still has problems that need to be considered and improved. The first is about evidence. Although ‘Shuru’ did not refer to Lee Ho (played by Choi Won-young) as a specific king, it is set in the Joseon Dynasty. Of course, since it is a fusion historical drama, the author’s free imagination must be guaranteed.

However, the fact that the sons of the middle war and the sons of the concubines immediately get along and take part in the audition for the choice of siblings and prince of the crown caused a debate over historical evidence. It is exaggerated to create a debate about whether or not Taehwajeon is Chinese, but that doesn’t mean it can be resolved indefinitely without historical evidence. The fact that it feels like a Chinese historical drama may also be a lack of historical evidence.

Another thing, the characters of the Overlord Mamas have not been fully revived yet. As if it reminds someone of idols, even if the images are great, you have to appeal with the characters. Among the crown prince duels, there are Bogum-gun (Strict Guy), Uiseong-gun (Dangerous Guy), Gyeseong Dae-gun (Fearless Guy), Seongnam Dae-gun (The Handsome Guy → Unknown Guy), Sim So-gun (timid guy), Hodong-gun and Ilyeong-daegun (They emphasize characters like children), but I want to see Daegunmama’s characters run around a bit more.