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[서울신문] [정형준의 희망의 의학] Real-life insurance is devastating to the soul.

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▲ Hyung-Joon Jeong, Head of Rehabilitation Medicine Department, Green Hospital

During medical treatment, sometimes you are asked to recommend a more expensive treatment. Over the past 10 years, the number of selective treatments has increased remarkably in outpatient clinics. I think the impact of real-life insurance is the biggest. The problem with this private insurance is that it causes moral harm to health care providers and health care consumers. In the early days, in order to create a large number of subscribers, real-life insurance was sold by giving back the amount paid by the hospital without asking or asking. Of course, after that, I started asking and questioning little by little.

Even public insurance is a product that encourages excessive medical practices from the outset, considering that there is a certain level (30% in the case of outpatient treatment) of out-of-pocket expenses to prevent unnecessary medical use by subscribers. In addition, as the area covered by the National Health Insurance increases day by day, the main compensation content for the loss-of-life insurance is selective treatment (mainly non-payment), which is in fact less effective or less cost effective, such as nutrient tonic infusion treatment and differential medical treatment.

Given this situation, the introduction of real-life insurance over the past 10 years has made it easier for insured persons to accept unnecessary medical practices in order to do so-called’insurance money’. Hospitals and clinics also actively use it. There are so many clinics dedicated only to non-indemnity treatments such as infusion treatment or manual treatment.

As the indemnity insurance subscribers’ use of medical care increased and their claims increased, the attitude of insurance companies made the problem even more difficult. In the beginning, they talked as if it would cover everything, but when the number of subscribers increased and the product was on a certain track, they started raising their insurance premiums. According to recent media reports, a huge increase is expected this year. In other words, it is like selling messy products and passing all of the burden behind it to the people.

Of course, the real problem lies in the government that allowed such absurd defects as’second health insurance’, which would help reduce medical expenses. This defective product is now destroying our medical system. The Moon Jae-in administration also announced that it would dramatically increase the coverage of health insurance, but the goal was already out of reach due to the unpaid medical expenses increasing to a similar level.

Insurance companies that have addicted many people by launching products that promote excessive medical care are trying to accumulate personal health information of insured persons while simplifying claims for indemnity insurance and as a personal health care service for subscribers. Its purpose is to enter the data mining business and the commercial healthcare service business. The Financial Supervisory Service takes the lead in this. I don’t know if I know whether it is the Financial Supervisory Service or the Financial Complaint.

Injury insurance is poisoned by government agencies, medical institutions, and medical consumers. Only insurance companies have created a new market of over 20 trillion won. Sometimes I ask my close acquaintances. Terminate real-life insurance. This is because real-life insurance is the first step in falling into the temptation of the devil. Like Faust’s soul gradually engulfs.

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