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[서울신문] Young Star also accepts the coat of young blood

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Basketball Fan Vote Heo Hun 1st Place… Show off popularity for 2 consecutive years
Heo Woong, Song Gyo-chang, and Yang Hong-seok followed’the world in their 20s’

No. 1 in average scores and assists
Unlike other professional sports, there is no worry about generation change

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▲ Heo Hoon. KBL provided

The vote of a professional basketball All-Star fan, which attracted attention due to the sibling confrontation, ended with the victory of his younger brother Heo Hoon (26, Busan kt). In this poll, the top four All-Stars were captured by players in their mid-to-late 20s, demonstrating the power of youthful blood heating the court.

The Korea Basketball Federation (KBL) announced on the 5th that “Hoon Hoon in the 2020~21 Hyundai Mobis Professional Basketball All-Star Fan Vote has risen to the top of the fan vote for two consecutive seasons following the 2019-20 season.”

Heo Hoon won 32,642 out of a total of 76,545 votes from the 11th of last month to the 4th of last month. His older brother, Heo-woong (28, Wonju DB), ranked second with 31,421 votes. It is the first time that the brothers have won the 1st and 2nd place in the All-Star fan vote.

In third place, Song Gyo-chang (25, Jeonju KCC) received 31,217 votes, and in fourth place, Yang Hong-seok (24, kt) received 31,914 votes. Kim Si-rae (32, Changwon LG), who was second in last year, is fifth with 27,938 votes. In this All-Star game, the event is not held due to quarantine measures due to the spread of Corona 19.

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As all-star voting must combine skill and popularity, the fact that young stars in their twenties have topped the fan voting shows that there is a natural generational change in professional basketball. In fact, in professional basketball, players in their twenties rank at the top by division, showing off the power of young blood.

Until the 4th, the all-star players ranked first in each category with Song Gyo-chang (15.4 points), No. 1 in assists, Heo Hoon (7.5), and Yang Hong-seok (7.2 points), which ranked first in domestic players this season. Choi Jun-yong (27, Seoul SK) was out due to an injury this season, but ran first in the domestic player with 1.71 blocks. Lee Jae-do (30, Anyang KGC), who ranked first with 1.81 stills, is also a player who has just entered his 30s.

In the Korean sports world thirsting for discovering a new star, basketball seems to be an exception. In professional basketball, young players naturally occupy the center of the league.

Kt coach Seo Dong-cheol said, “Heo-hoon won the best player (MVP) last year and has already been verified, and Yang Hong-seok is also becoming a top-class player with progress every year.” Manager Seo boasted, “Recently, Park Joon-young has had more time to play, and Park Ji-won is also playing as a rookie.” “Our team has a lot of young players, so it seems that the generation change has already been completed.”

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