[속보] Court allows Open Sympathy TV to broadcast the contents of Kim Gun-hee’s call… some ban

The court banned and allowed the disclosure of only part of the content of the conversation with Kim Gun-hee, the spouse of the presidential candidate Yoon Seok-yeol, on the YouTube channel ‘Open Sympathy TV’.

The 50th Civil Agreement of the Seoul Central District Court (Chief Judge Song Kyung-geun) partially cited Kim’s application for an injunction against broadcasting and distribution against Open Gonggam TV on the 19th.

The court forbade the disclosure of remarks related only to the private life of the family, including Mr. Kim himself or Candidate Yoon, which had nothing to do with the public domain. In addition, recordings of conversations in which Lee Myung-soo, a cinematographer for the YouTube channel ‘Sounds of Seoul’ did not participate, were also included in the subject of public bans.

The court rejected all of Kim’s applications except for this.

The court ruled that most of Kim’s remarks were “a public interest of the people and a glimpse into the subject of verification.”

In particular, the court refused to disclose the contents of Kim’s investigation, saying, “It is difficult to accept that there is a high risk of infringing upon the right to refuse to make a statement, such as being unable to exercise the right to refuse to make a statement or an obstacle to the exercise because it was reported that remarks made freely outside the investigation agency were reported.” allowed

Previously, Myeong-soo Lee, who was in charge of filming on the YouTube channel ‘Sound of Seoul’, said that he recorded a conversation with Kim, and announced that he would collaborate with MBC and release the recorded content. Accordingly, Kim applied for an injunction against MBC, Voice of Seoul, and Open Sympathy TV, which had previously announced their release.

The recording file, the issue of which is open to the public, is a recording of Mr. Lee’s phone calls with Mr. Kim for several months, and the total length is said to be 7 hours and 45 minutes.

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