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[속보] “First fetal death due to Corona 19 infection… Stillbirth after 24 weeks of mother’s confirmation”

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picture explanationSon Young-rae, head of the social strategy division of the Central Disaster Management Headquarters, holds a regular non-face-to-face briefing at the Government Complex Sejong on the 24th. [사진 = 연합뉴스]

In Korea, there has been a case of the death of a fetus of a mother infected with COVID-19.

The Central Quarantine Countermeasures Headquarters (Bangdaebon) said at a back briefing on the 24th, “There was a case of stillbirth due to premature birth after the mother was diagnosed with COVID-19.

According to the script, the mother who was 24 weeks gestation was diagnosed with Corona 19 on the 18th. It is known that the mother was not vaccinated against COVID-19. The fetus was found to have died on the 22nd, four days after the mother tested positive on the 18th.

Bang Dae-bon said, “It is confirmed that a stillborn fetus was positive for Corona 19, and it is difficult to measure the impact of Corona 19 at present.” “It is a very rare case, so it is not expected to be easy to evaluate. It has been confirmed that it is not very serious,” he said.

This is the first death in this age group since the first confirmed case in Korea in January last year.

Currently, it was counted that one patient with severe severe disease aged 0-9 and 10-19 years old is receiving treatment in a hospital dedicated to severe cases.

As of 0 am on the same day, Bang Daebon announced that there were 4,116 new cases and 35 deaths. However, considering that the deceased fetus was not registered before birth, it was decided to exclude it from the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19. Reflecting this, there were 4,115 confirmed cases and 34 deaths.

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