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[속보]As of 6 o’clock, 1,173 new confirmed cases… 133 fewer than the previous day

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On the afternoon of the 16th, citizens are waiting to be screened for COVID-19 at the temporary screening center at Seoul Station. yunhap news

As the COVID-19 epidemic continued, on the 16th, there were confirmed cases across the country. According to the quarantine authorities and each local government, a total of 1,173 new cases of COVID-19 were confirmed nationwide from 00:00 to 6pm on the same day.

There were 133 fewer people than the 1,306 people counted at the same time the day before, and 21 more people than the 1,152 people on the 9th, which was the Saturday and Hangeul Day holiday a week ago. If you look at the areas where the confirmed cases were confirmed on that day, 905 (77.2%) were in the metropolitan area and 268 (22.8%) were in the non-metropolitan area. Among 17 cities and provinces across the country, no confirmed cases were found in Sejong alone.

As there is still time until midnight, when the counting ends, the number of new confirmed cases to be announced as of 00:00 on the 17th is expected to increase further and record at least 1,400. The previous day, the number of people increased by 312 after 6 pm, and the final number was 1618.

The fourth COVID-19 pandemic, which started in early July of this year, has been going on for over three months. The daily number of confirmed cases has been in the four digits for 102 consecutive days since July 7 (1211 people). If you look at the number of new confirmed cases in the last week from the 10th to this day, it has been maintaining around 1,000 per day and has been below 2,000 for the whole week.

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