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[속보]Famous YouTuber reveals real name of K-popular actor accused of forced abortion and marriage

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[속보]Famous YouTuber reveals the real name of the K-suspicioned actor under the guise of forced abortion and marriage (Photo = YouTuber capture)

A famous celebrity YouTuber revealed the real name of a popular actor K, who forced an abortion under the guise of marriage.

This YouTuber broadcast live on his YouTube channel on the 18th. The purpose of this is to reveal who the ‘trend actor K’, a hot potato on the online community, is.

In the broadcast, the YouTuber said, “Actor K, who is suspected of having an abortion and pretending to be married, is XXX”.

In particular, referring to the actor’s agency, he said, “The agency is well known as a friendly company with the media.

He also explained the reason for revealing his real name, saying, “I learned a shocking fact while covering the story of the actor.”

In addition, “Some media have received information that this actor is suffering from the problem of his ex-girlfriend since last September,” he said.

In addition, it was reported that the agency had been overprotective of the actor.

According to this, the agency unconditionally rejected the offer at the filming site for the actor’s advertisement, and even when he was awarded the Brand Grand Prize, he acted without the modifier of ‘entertainment’.”

Previously, rumors of an abortion and forced abortion were raised through the Nate version.

On the 17th, author A, who claimed to be K’s ex-girlfriend, claimed on an online community Nate board, “If only her personality was trash, she wouldn’t have made this disclosure.”

Mr. A said, “I forced an abortion under the guise of marriage and demanded a one-sided sacrifice because I became a star.”

Then, he referred to the popular actor K as “scum with no conscience or guilt.”

“If you convince someone to have an abortion as a bait for a promise you won’t keep, it’s an illegal act that violates your right to self-determination,” he said.

In addition, “It has been 4 months since we broke up, and I thought I would sincerely ask for forgiveness at one time. I thought it would be different, but again, after we broke up, I made money, took commercials and became a star, so I was in a rush to shoot commercials, and there was no apology or reflection.”

Mr. A announced that he and actor K have been dating since the beginning of 2020.

Mr. A said, “I left a lot of KakaoTalk from the first time we met until now.” He said, “I asked to delete KakaoTalk several times with ridiculous excuses, but it was so strange that I saved the conversation.” claimed to be

Mr. A said, “Since childhood, I have been told that it is difficult to have children because of my weak uterus, and the doctor said, ‘I may not be able to conceive again,’ so I tried to give birth.” However, he said, ‘If I have a child now, I have to pay 900 million won in damages, but I don’t have that money right now,’ and he persuaded me to have an abortion with false facts.”

He continued, “I promised that we would start living together next year,” he said. In addition, “I was the one who suffered divine and physical damage and trauma, but I showed irritation, emotional ups and downs due to the stress of unknown causes, and an attitude of ‘Are you running a campaign because you saw me and deleted your child?'” “After the abortion, Mentally, I was too weak and my self-esteem was low, and I took some pictures with my cell phone.

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