[스포츠타임] Lee Kang-in and Kubo met as enemies…Who will win the best friend battle? |

[스포티비뉴스=김재빈·장하준 영상기자]Lee Kang-in will face his best friend, Kubo.

Round 25 of La Liga between Mallorca and Real Sociedad to be held on the 12th. The most notable point in the conflict between the two teams is, of course, the conflict between Lee Kang-in and Kubo.

The two players, who played together for Mallorca last season, are known for being best friends. Lee Kang-in and Kubo have something in common with young Asian players playing in La Liga, and have shown their close friendship through social media.

Nevertheless, with a three point lead, the two players are about to put their friendship down for a while.

First, the home team Mallorca is aiming for a win with Lee Kang-in leading the way. However, Lee Kang-in’s partner Muriki was hit with bad news that he could not participate in this match due to the accumulation of warnings. Lee Kang-in’s shoulders are even heavier because he met a tough opponent called Sociedad.

On the other hand, Sociedad are in 4th place in the league and are having a nice season. However, they are slowing down with a winless run in their last 4 official games. In addition, after visiting Rome, which is the first leg of the Europa League round of 16 on the 10th, they are physically inferior to Mallorca.

The 25th round of La Liga between Mallorca and Sociedad will take place on the 12th at 10pm on Spotify Now and Spotify On.


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