[스포츠]Lee Jae-sung makes full-time full-time performance… Son Heung-min is’bad day’


Germany’s second division team Holstein Kiel beat’European Champion’ Bayern Munich to the final 16 of the Fourkal.

Lee Jae-seong led the catastrophe with’perfect score’, while Tottenham Son Heung-min, a friend of the same age, was a’bad day’.

This is news of overseas football, reporter Eunji Cho.


Lee Jae-sung, who takes the one-top against’European Champion’ Bayern Munich, stirs forward with a sensible move.

Half a step ahead of the defense, he’s got his taste buds offside, but it’s enough to hold onto the Munich defense.

Lee Jae-seong, with her hair tied up, also takes a snow stamp against the’Star Corps’ with the so-called’Courier Cross’.

Even if Munich shouts’General’, Kill keeps catching up.

Munich came back to the top with your free kick goal in the second half, and afterwards, Ssangpo’s Lewandowski and Costa went on to solidify the victory.

The extra time in the second half of the snow blew, Kiel made overtime with a dramatic header from defender Hauke ​​Bahl.

In the atmosphere, Kiel held up the tools well and made a catastrophe by winning 6-5 in the following penalty shootouts.

The second division team Kiel defeated the Champions League, Bundesliga, Focal, and Munich, the main character of the’Three Crowns’.

Jae-sung Lee also came out as the fourth kicker and defeated the Neuer goalkeeper, and the local media praised Lee Jae-sung, who played devotedly, as a’hero’.

Kill’s opponent in the round of 16 is the same 2nd team Darmstadt, and I’m also looking forward to’Korean Derby’ by Jae-sung Lee and Seung-ho Baek.

At the same time, Tottenham Son Heung-min, ’92-born friend of Jae-sung Lee, had a bad day.

The heading of the conversion was blocked by the goalkeeper twice, and the left-footed shot made by a proprietary and exquisite counterattack hit the goal.

Tottenham, who was ahead with Kane’s goal, lost the opportunity to equalize and draw for the relegation Fulham to lead the way.

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