[아주경제 오늘의 뉴스 종합] Create conditions for dialogue with China in response to North Korea’s provocations

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In response to North Korea’s provocation, China is asking to create conditions for dialogue

In response to North Korea’s successive armed provocations, the Chinese government said, “Since the current situation on the Korean Peninsula is complex and sensitive, it hopes that relevant parties will avoid provocative words and actions and create conditions for the resumption of dialogue. “

At a regular briefing on the 8th, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Maoning said, “The Chinese side is aware of the reports, We are also aware of the fact that South Korea and the United States have conducted an exercise on the other joint recently,” he said.

“What we want to emphasize is to stick to the direction of the political solution of the Korean Peninsula issue, and solve each other’s concerns in a balanced way through dialogue and negotiations,” Mao said.

[여의도 불꽃축제] 3 teams including Korea, Italy and Japan participated… Presenting a message to overcome Corona 19

The Seoul International Fireworks Festival’ was held at Hangang Park in Yeouido, Seoul on the 8th, the first time in three years. Teams from Italy and Japan, including Korea, presented a message to the citizens to overcome Corona 19 through fireworks.

The event was held under the theme ‘We hope again’. It means comforting the daily life of exhausted citizens after the COVID-19 crisis and rekindling a spark of dreams and hope. The firework festival, which started at 7:20pm, lasted around 100 minutes. Three teams from Korea, Japan and Italy participated in this festival.

The Japanese team presented a message of hope to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic with the work ‘Sky Full of Hope’, followed by the Italian team’s work called ‘Byd Newydd’, which means a new world with profound music.

Criticism of Kwon Seong-dong’s absurd comments…

The Democratic Party of Korea criticized Kwon Seong-dong’s explanation of the people’s words, saying, “Like ‘Yun Hak-kwan’, Rep. Kwon’s last words and false explanations are similar to the president’s insulting language and false explanations of the presidential office .” The Democratic Party previously announced that it would file a complaint against Representative Kwon to the National Assembly’s Special Ethics Committee.

Democratic Party spokesman Seo Yong-joo criticized in a briefing at the National Assembly’s Communications Hall on the 8th, “Rep. Kwon insisted that the head of the agency he inspected never told him to ‘bite his tongue and die ‘. , and cast a negative disapproval of the ‘choice delusion’ of the Democratic Party.” .

Deputy Speaker Seo admonished, “How long are you going to mock the entire nation with President Yoon’s hearing test and Representative Kwon with the Korean language test?”

Explosion at Krem Bridge in Russian-occupied territory…Ukraine “It’s just the beginning, illegal facilities must be destroyed”

Ukrainian and Russian media reported on the 8th (local time) that a large explosion occurred on the Krem Bridge connecting the Russian mainland and the Krum Peninsula which was occupied by Russia in 2014.

Ukraine has repeatedly announced its intention to destroy the Krum Bridge after being invaded by Russia in February this year. According to Reuters, the Ukrainian government said the explosion was just the beginning and that illegal facilities should be destroyed.

According to foreign media, the explosion happened around 6 am local time. Russia’s TAS news agency, citing an official from the Krum Railway Corporation, reported that a freight train carrying a fuel storage tank on the rear end of the freight train caught fire and that it was working to extinguish the fire.

North Korea’s “military bravado … very concerned about the current situation” in training a US aircraft carrier in the East Sea

North Korea said on the 8th that it was “taking a hard look” at the joint naval maneuver exercise involving the US Navy’s nuclear aircraft carrier, the Ronald Reagan, despite it being a “military bluff”.

“Currently, the US nuclear aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan Strike Group is conducting a joint naval maneuver exercise against us in the high seas of the East Korean Sea with South Korean (South Korean) puppet navy ships,” a spokesman said. The Ministry of Defense of North Korea said in an interview with a reporter from the Korean Central News Agency on the same day. He said this

“This is clearly military courage to send a so-called warning against our military’s righteous response to the highly provocative and threatening joint military exercise between the United States and South Korea,” the spokesman said. We take it very seriously,” said the spokesperson. he said.

19,431 new coronavirus cases… 2,867 less than the day before

As the spread of COVID-19 across the country slows, the number of new cases has dropped to 10,000.

The Central Defense Response Headquarters announced on the 8th, at 00:00 on the 8th, that 19,431 new cases of COVID-19 had been confirmed on the 7th, bringing the total to 24,953,135.

On the 7th, the number of new confirmed cases fell by 2,867 from the previous day (22,298). From Saturday’s announcement, this is the lowest in 14 weeks since July 2 (10,708 people), which is the early stage of the revival.

US controls semiconductor equipment exports to China… Samsung and SK ‘individual review’

The United States announced on the 7th (local time) a ban on the sale of high-tech semiconductor equipment made in the United States to Chinese semiconductor manufacturers and restrictions on the export of semiconductor chips used in artificial intelligence (AI) and supercomputers.

The US Department of Commerce officially announced on the same day limited export controls on certain high-tech computer semiconductors and semiconductor chips for supercomputers and new export controls on certain semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

“The export controls, issued in two rules, will limit China’s ability to procure advanced computer chips and develop and maintain advanced supercomputers and semiconductors,” the Commerce Department said.

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