[아주경제 오늘의 뉴스 종합] Indonesian soccer stadium crowd invasion … 120 killed, etc.


Thousands of people broke into an Indonesian football stadium… 120 killed

In Malang, East Java, Indonesia, after a professional football match, a large-scale disaster occurred in which 120 people, including spectators and police officers, were killed in an accident.

According to foreign media such as Antara News Indonesia, around 3,000 Arma fans broke into the stadium after Arma lost the match between Arma FC and Persebaya Surabaya at the Kanjuruhan Football Field in Malang Regency, East Java, Indonesia on the night of the 1st. As thousands rushed into the stadium, police stopped fans from chasing the players, and some fired tear gas. Hundreds of people were shocked and ran towards the exit to avoid tear gas, but they got stuck and were crushed.

East Java State Police Chief Nico Afinta said at a press conference on Wednesday that 129 people were killed, including two police officers, as crowds rushed towards the exit. “34 people died on the spot and the rest died during treatment in hospital,” he said. However, the number of deaths is likely to continue to rise, as deaths continue to rise among the wounded receiving treatment in hospitals.

On the other hand, it is known that there is no damage to the Korean people in relation to this accident. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on the same day, “The Indonesian embassy in Surabaya and Malang has confirmed that there is no damage to the Korean people due to the unrest in the football stadium by contacting Korean groups in Surabaya and Malang.”

The Audit and Inspection Board notifies former President Moon Jae-in of the ‘West Sea attack’ in writing from an investigation

Controversy has arisen after it was confirmed that the Audit and Inspection Board notified former President Moon Jae-in of a written investigation at the end of last month in relation to the ‘Attack of a Public Officer in the West Sea’.

According to officials from the Democratic Party of Korea on the 2nd, the Audit and Inspection Board informed former President Moon that it would respond to a written inquiry by email and phone calls. It is known that the Audit and Inspection Board sent a questionnaire containing details of the investigation to former President Moon Jae-in to discover the facts related to the shooting of a public official in the West Sea. The former president’s representative who processed the email is said to have bounced and expressed strong displeasure at the notice of investigation by the Audit and Inspection Board.

In this regard, the Democratic Party was strongly opposed to the current government, saying that it was seeking political revenge with the Audit and Inspection Board in front of the current government to humiliate the outgoing president. In a verbal commentary, Democratic Party Spokesman Park Seong-joon said, “I am shocked to hear that the Audit and Inspection Board has notified former President Moon of a written investigation.”

◆​ ‘Armed Forces Day’ publicity video regarding the deployment of Chinese People’s Liberation Army armored vehicles… Ministry of Defense apologizes

Controversy has arisen when a Chinese military armored vehicle was inserted into a ceremony to commemorate the first Armed Forces Day since the inauguration of the Yun Seok-Yeol government. In response, the Ministry of National Defense acknowledged the mistake and promised to prevent this from happening again.

According to military authorities, it was later confirmed that the armored car that appeared in the video of the 74th anniversary of the commemoration of Armed Forces Day from ‘Armed Forces Day’ was a ‘Chinese Type 92 Infantry Fighting Vehicle’ (ZSL-92) of the Liberation Army The people of China, not the armored vehicle of the Korean army. Military authorities admitted that the armored car in the video was a Chinese military weapon.

An official from the Ministry of National Defense said, “The pictures of the (armored car) in the video are not the equipment of our military, and the wrong pictures were included in the process of making the video. I will be very careful to don’t do it. do it,” he said.

◆ As of 6 pm, 9,405 new cases were confirmed… 9,800 less than the previous day

Between 00:00 and 6pm on the 2nd, the second day of the National Foundation Day holiday, 9,405 new cases of Corona 19 had been confirmed in Korea.

According to the quarantine authorities and all local governments, including Seoul, the number of cases in 17 cities and provinces across the country was tentatively counted as 9,405. This is a decrease of 9852 people from 19,257 people at the same time the day before (1st) and 2,083 people from 11,488 people the previous week (September 25) at the same time.

4864 cases were confirmed in Seoul (1643), Gyeonggi (2754), and Incheon (476), accounting for 51.72% of the total. In particular, the Gyeonggi region had the highest number of new confirmed cases in the country, with 2,754. However, 2,394 people fell from 5,148 people at the same time the day before, and 286 people fell from 3040 people at the same time on Sunday the previous week.

◆ ‘Putin loyalist’ Chechen leader “Russia should use low power nuclear weapons”.

Chechen Autonomous Republic head of government Ramzan Kadyrov, a ‘Putin loyalist’ who is fighting alongside Russia in the Ukraine war, has raised the possibility that Russia could use low-power nuclear energy. weapon cards.

According to Reuters, Kadyrov criticized the Russian military withdrawal from Lehman, a strategically important location in eastern Ukraine, through the Telegram channel on the 1st (local time), saying, “There are more measures such as declaring martial law in the border area and using weapons low power nuclear. We have to take drastic measures,” he said.

This was an outright proposal by Kadyrov to the Russian government to use nuclear weapons. Russian President Vladimir Putin has also threatened to use nuclear weapons the day before, saying he will use all means to protect Russian territory after annexing the four occupied territories in Ukraine. Putin said, “There is a precedent for the use of nuclear weapons by the United States (Japan),” adding that the threat to the use of nuclear weapons is greater.

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