[`악의 마음`첫방] Jin Seon-gyu and Kim Nam-gil’s talents were recognized… Profiler Suggestions

‘Those who read the mind of evil’ Jin Seon-gyu proposed a profiler to Kim Nam-gil.

In the SBS new Friday-Saturday drama ‘Those who read the minds of evil’ (written by Seol-na, directed by Park Bo-ram), which aired for the first time on the 14th, Song Ha-young (Kim Nam-gil) chasing a serial killer Red Riding Hood got on the air.

On that day, in 1998, the police were desperate to catch Red Riding Hood, a crime committed against women. Song Ha-young said, “It’s been 10 months so far. There are 12 victims, and it is what we do, but considering the victims, this is not hard work.”

Afterwards, Song Ha-young found a man in a red hat while looking for the culprit and followed him quietly. The man tried to enter someone else’s house, and Song Ha-young arrested him after a violent fight. But he was just a copycat. To such an imitator, Song Ha-young thought, “How do you feel about doing that?”

Meanwhile, the murder of Choi Hwa-yeon, a woman in her 20s, took place in Song Ha-yeong’s jurisdiction. Interestingly, no signs of sexual assault were found, but the body was naked. The head of the Dongbu Police Department’s gangster squad (Jung Man-sik), where Song Ha-young works, pointed out Choi Hwa-yeon’s lover Bang Ki-hoon (Oh Kyung-joo) as the culprit, and tying the ‘Red Riding Hood incident’ as Bang Ki-hoon, followed by a coercive investigation.

However, Song Ha-young looked into Bang Ki-hoon’s eyes and knew that he was not the culprit. He found the number ‘233’ written on Choi Hwa-yeon’s front door, and during the investigation, he confirmed that the numbers 22, 2, 123, etc. did.

Seeing Song Ha-young, Kook Young-soo (Jin Seon-gyu) said to Song Ha-young, “Have you heard of a profiler? You have all the qualities a profiler needs. heart not to give up. open mind. intuition. I need everything, but second to that, it’s sensitive. I think it should be understood as a sensibility to others.”

In the end, Bang Ki-hoon was sentenced to 12 years in prison and the investigation was closed. However, in 1999, the real culprit of Red Riding Hood was still active. The real culprit, Red Riding Hood, was making a living as a delivery man at a jjajangmyeon restaurant.

Meanwhile, ‘Those Who Read the Mind of Evil’ is a psychological crime investigation drama depicting the story of the first profiler in Korea who had to fiercely look into the minds of serial killers at the peak of evil at a time when unmotivated murders were on the rise. It airs every Friday and Saturday at 10 PM.

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