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[약업신문]Daewon Pharmaceutical unveils new advertisement for Go Yoon-jung model’New Bain Aqueous’

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A new advertisement for actor Ko Yoon-jung, who is drawing attention as a next-generation rising star, has been released. Daewon Pharmaceutical’s new TV commercial for’New Bain’, a squeezed venous circulatory improvement drug’,’New Beauty without swelling, New Bain’.

Go Yoon-jung, who was selected as a new model for New Bain Ax, debuted in the 2019 tvN drama “Psychometry He”, and last year, in Netflix dramas “Health Teacher Ahn Eun-young,” and “Sweet Home,” impressed viewers. Recently, he is active in the JTBC drama’Law School’ and is attracting attention as an actor.

Before his debut, he appeared as a cover model for college tomorrow and made his face known, and it became a hot topic when he appeared in Lee Seung-cheol’s’I Love You A Lot’ music video with Park Bo-gum. SKT, series, Hogarden Botanic, etc. are active as models for several brands, emerging as a blue chip in the advertising world.

In this newly released advertisement, the theme is the quick resolution of various leg swelling in everyday life.

Along with the chic comment, “Will you get out of the swelling soon?” by new beauty Go Yoon-jung, various swelling-related concerns disappear into the product, arousing the interest of the viewers. Afterwards, New Bain’s unique solution was intuitively expressed with a copy and video effect called’Pour quickly with liquid’. In addition, it attracted attention with a vivid color that is rare in pharmaceutical advertisements, and emphasized that it is a liquid pouch, the most characteristic of New Bain Liquid, through the appearance of liquid turning into a product.

Newbein’s new TV commercials can be seen on the official website, YouTube, and Instagram accounts.

On the other hand, Daewon Pharmaceutical’s venous circulation drug’New Bain’, launched in July last year, is gaining popularity as word of mouth has spread rapidly among young women in recent years.

It contains a high content of 3,500mg of troxerutin, which helps improve edema, blood circulation, and blood vessel elasticity, so it is a product that has a great effect on dullness in the legs, stimulation of swelling, and pain. It is the first product developed in the form of a liquid pouch that is easy to carry and take in the tablet-oriented market, and is the result of the pouch technology of Daewon Pharmaceutical, which developed the squeezed cold medicine’Koldaewon’.

With word of mouth, pharmacists and consumers voluntarily upload content on products to SNS, and inquiries from consumers are constantly increasing at pharmacies.

As the number of patients with varicose veins continues to increase, the market for general medicines for venous circulation improvers is growing steadily at an average of 10% over five years, so the outlook for Newvane is expected to be bright in the future.

An official from Daewon Pharmaceutical said, “We were selected as a model because the image of New Bain Aqueous, who pursues health and beauty, and the next-generation beauty, Go Yoon-jung, match well.” “I look forward to the synergy effect of’New Bain’ and’New Me In’.” Revealed.


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