[약업신문]GSK Renews website for ‘Fluarix Tetra’

On the 1st, GSK (Glaxo SmithKline, President Hong Yoo-seok) reopened the brand website of its premium quadrivalent flu vaccine ‘Fluarix Tetra’.

The Fluarix Tetra brand website provides concise and essential information about the flu and flu vaccine that is easy to understand for consumers, including patients with chronic diseases who are at high risk of influenza, pregnant women, and children under 5 years of age .

The latest information on ‘Fluarix Tetra’, the first FDA-approved inactivated tetravalent influenza vaccine in the United States, achieved the No.

To commemorate the renewal of the website, a flu quiz pop-up was also prepared. Featuring OX quizzes, ‘Earn as much as you know! In the ‘Flu Information Quiz’ corner, step-by-step quizzes are provided so users can learn information about the flu, as well as videos on how to prevent flu using infographics.

The convenience of users using the website has also increased. Readability has been improved to avoid inconvenience to elderly visitors, and responsive web pages optimized for devices such as PC, mobile phone and tablet can be accessed in a variety of browser environments.

“We updated the prevention information for high-risk groups vulnerable to flu infection in line with the upcoming flu vaccination season, and reorganized the website so that users can learn information about flu and vaccine easier and fun,” said Hyeon-Joo Jung, brand manager of GSK Fluarix Tetra.

The Fluarix Tetra website can be accessed at


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