[양권모 칼럼] 100 times of inauguration, two paths of President Yoon

President Yoon Seok-yeol and Very first Girl Kim Kun-hee salute the national flag at the ’77th Liberation Working day Celebration Ceremony’ held on the garden of the president’s business office in Yongsan, Seoul on the 15th. Photojournalists Office of the President

There is nothing that demonstrates a distorted portrait of 100 many years due to the fact the institution of the Yun Seok-yeol administration, as the chief of the ruling occasion compared the president to ‘dog meat’ rather than talking about impeachment by some in the opposition. The approval score of 20% indicates that the chief of the ruling celebration, who was kicked out for ‘internal firing’, does not hesitate to shoot again at the president. If the approval level of the lame duck stage is secure, the bureaucracy will not transfer more, and the management electricity of the condition will inevitably finish. In less than 100 times, President Yun Seok-yeol confronted a critical leadership disaster. Along with the ‘Yunhak-gwan’ referred to as by CEO Jun-seok Lee, ‘Yangduguyuk’ will likely continue on as a language to ridicule the ‘incompetence’ of the rulers until finally the conclusion of this administration.

Editor-in-Chief Yang Kwon-mo

Editor-in-Main Yang Kwon-mo

The early classics and chaos of Yun Seok-Yeol’s govt could have been predicted. Not because of the harsh administration natural environment like the .73 percentage point victory and the enormous opposition. This is since neither the president nor the ruling get together was all set to just take energy. The powers that be in electricity nowadays are not united on the basis of ideology or distinct values. It really is simply far more of an ‘anti-Moon Jae-in alliance’. Starting with President Yoon, there was no other goal than to protect against the Democratic Get together from using electricity again. The spirit of the age, the vision, and the insurance policies ought to have under no circumstances been assumed of in the 1st location. Consequently, for the 100th day since his inauguration, it is not probable to know what is the nationwide agenda that the Yun Seok-yeol administration is pursuing and what are the core values ​​of the point out. However, ‘fairness’, which was promoted as the banner of the new government, has become a reality as successive staff failures and controversies around the privatization of electrical power have been repeated. I marvel if there are any staff or insurance policies that embody the values ​​of fairness and justice that President Yun has advisable. When even the flag of fairness fades, only the dilemma ‘What is Yun Seok-Yeol’s federal government hoping to do?’

Just right before the presidential election, 70% of individuals who stated they would shoot Yun Seok-yeol in the Countrywide Indicators Survey (NBS) of the Republic of Embrain, K-Stat Research, Korea Research, and Korea Investigate answered “for regime improve.” Only 4% answered ‘because they have fantastic qualities and abilities’. Despite his lack of skills and capabilities as a political chief, the ‘president by chance’ who was elected with a change of govt had to utilize a particular person to compensate for his shortcomings and variety an army of inclusion and integration, but he went toward according to. The presidential place of work and cupboard had been created close to the private network of President Yoon, the prosecution, Yoon Hee-kwan, and Kim Kun-hee. As a result, incompetence is highlighted when working with people’s livelihood and the financial system, and deadly plan confusion such as a 52 hour system and 5 calendar year aged university enrollment is repeated. In the conclude, observing the response to the catastrophe in the metropolitan space, the citizens arrived to the point of thinking about ‘anarchy’.

According to a the latest poll, the damaging evaluation of condition affairs arrived at 70%. The factors for detrimental evaluation are summarized as staff, absence of capability, and arbitrariness. Generally, it is President Yun’s personal problem. It will only be get over when President Yoon alterations, but initial of all, personnel management is the only way to show the will for change and renewal only with the president’s selection. It is tricky to overcome the present complex disaster with the presidential office and the cabinet “between each other” consisting of prosecutors, acquaintances and aides. No matter of the camp, Yun Seok-yeol’s governing administration should be recreated as an skilled and proficient man or woman from all walks of life.

President Yoon is about to answer relentlessly to the sovereign’s ask for to correct the class this time. With no recognizing wrongdoing as a blunder and not accepting a disaster as a disaster, there is no way for a answer to reform individuals or improve the condition. As an extension of his opening address, the 8/15 celebration, which shouted ‘freedom’ 33 instances, seems like a guarantee to ‘keep it up’ with out a clue. If you see that “it is not a make any difference of political profit or reduction” (President Yoon), a drastic human renewal has also crossed the waters. It is claimed that the concentration is only on plan, public relations and strengthening political functions. It is foolish to discover the motive for the fall in approval rankings in the lack of publicity and planning.

Obviously, President Yoon and the ‘nuclear officers’ of the Prosecutor’s Republic are on the lookout elsewhere for a way out of the approval score crisis. It is a way of advertising the reunification of the conservatives by clashing with the prior govt and ‘Lee Jae-myung’s Democratic Party’, and further more, the overall progressive camp. The policy is to concentration solely on overthrowing the Moon Jae-in govt, and mobilizing all power establishments such as the police, the prosecution, the Countrywide Audit Place of work, and the Countrywide Intelligence Services to complete the sword dance of ‘cleaning up new corruption’ ‘. . The institution of a law enforcement station and actions to neutralize inspections have also accomplished the suspension of the assessment. This is also the work that President Yoon, who was a previous ‘knife handling’ prosecutor, can do very best. On the other hand, no make a difference how substantially we expose and excavate the problems and corruption of the earlier govt and the opposition, the latest federal government can not be evaluated as effectively. Avoiding a major modify in state affairs and trying to break through the crisis into a ‘situational state’ is the genuine path to ruin.

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