[영상] “Ah! Really! You’re doing it too much!”… The reason why the former Democratic Party of Byeon Chang-heum’s company was kicking off

On the 12th, Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Byun Chang-heum expressed his gratitude to President Moon Jae-in. President Moon Jae-in actually accepted this.

Minister Byeon Chang-heum attended the general meeting of the National Assembly’s Land Transport Committee before his speech. Minister Byeon said, “No yet,” when asked by Rep. Kim Eun-hye, “Have you ever made an expression of death?”

Rep. Kim asked, “Would you like to express your affairs?” and Secretary Byeon said, “I will consider various things to judge.”

On this day, the Democratic Party lawmakers also took place.

Rep. Song Seok-joon, who criticized Minister Byeon Chang-heum for the results of the first round of investigation by the government joint investigation team, continued inquiries, linking the LH incident to the Moon Jae-in government’s real estate policy failure.

Rep. Song said, “Isn’t this just telling the government’s failure?”

Then, a voice burst out from the conference hall, saying, “Oh! Really”.

Rep. Song said to Minister Byun, “Please tell me what you think about this government’s failure, whether to continue publicly-led housing development or to make a full revision.”

In response, Democratic Party lawmaker Moon Jeong-bok said, “I don’t think I don’t have to answer. Child! Really.” When opposition lawmakers tried to stop this, Moon said, “Isn’t it too much?”

Minister Byeon Chang-heum said, “I think the public-led policy can be promoted based on public credibility.”

Participants, including Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Byun Chang-heum, are attending the general meeting of the Land Transport Committee held at the National Assembly on the 12th. 2021.3.12/News1 © News1 Reporter Sung Dong-hoon

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