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[영상] Because illegal downloading is not enough… China sweeps money with squid games

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(Seoul=News 1) Reporter Young-Kwang Moon = The Korean drama ‘Squid Game’, which ranked first on Netflix worldwide, is gaining popularity even in China, where Netflix is ​​not officially available. through “illegal distribution”.

Chinese companies are riding on the popularity of squid game-related products.

Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post said, “Products inspired by the squid game are spreading on e-commerce platforms around the world, and many of them are made in China.”

In fact, if you search for squid games on the online shopping mall Coupang, you will find many related products. Most of them are the green sportswear worn by the main characters and the red jumpsuits of the soldiers.

If you scroll down and see the company information at the bottom, there are many companies in China.

It is reported that ‘illegal distribution’ of squid games is active in China because of China’s ‘Han-Han-Ryeong’.

Ha-seong Jang, South Korean ambassador to China, said at the parliamentary audit of the Chinese embassy in China on the 6th, “We are investigating the illegal distribution of cultural contents. said.

A controversy arose over the aid of the green sportswear.

Professor Seo Kyung-duk of Sungshin Women’s University pointed out on his SNS on the 5th that China is copying and selling green sportswear in a situation where illegal downloads of squid games are prevalent in China. To explain the situation, a picture of Chinese national actor Wu Jing (吳京) wearing green sportswear was posted.

China’s state-run media, World Times, countered, “As the popularity of the squid game grew, the Korean media claimed that they saw actor Wu Jing’s gym uniform and copied it.”

He continued, “Professor Suh’s photo is a retro gym uniform worn by Wu Jing, who appeared as a gym teacher in the 2019 Chinese movie ‘I Like Teacher’,” and sparked controversy over the original origin.

Another state-run media, Observer Network (觀察者網) also posted the same content, showing that they are trying to turn their attention to the controversy over aid rather than the ‘illegal content distribution’ pointed out by Professor Seo.

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