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[영상] Helpless drunken woman riding in taxi, “Sexual harassment complaint”

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A woman climbs on top of a taxi bonnet and stomps her feet. Then go up to the roof and run.

“President, all the people I speak of with my mouth are the death penalty,” “Are you all proud of me taking pictures of me?”, “Take a picture once” and shout.

There was a group of women around, but they did not stop them. Some of the people watching responded by saying, “You’re good” and “You’re cool.”

The woman’s riot, which lasted about 20 minutes, stopped only after the police arrived.

<img alt="” src=”https://photo.jtbc.joins.com/news/jam_photo/202108/25/a2e4f95c-e5ab-4327-aba1-fba2fadecb85.gif”/>

It happened on the 22nd at an intersection in Samsam-dong, Nam-gu, Ulsan. A drunken woman in her 20s climbed onto a taxi that was stopped on the road and made a riot. The video of this image was spread on online communities and social media under the title ‘Drunken Woman in Ulsan Samsan’.

Ulsan Nambu Police Station is investigating the woman A in the video without detention on charges such as property damage.

According to the taxi driver who suffered the damage, Mr. A suddenly approached a taxi and took several shots of the bonnet with his cell phone. When the taxi driver grabbed his wrist to stop it, Mr. A shouted, “I will sue you for sexual harassment.”

Then he climbed over the bonnet and roof and started running. He even quarreled with the taxi driver, saying, “Are you getting hot because the car is buzzing?” As a result, the roof and bonnet of the vehicle were severely damaged, and taxis cannot be operated.

The taxi driver said, “There was a group of men, but I didn’t stop them and just looked at them,” said the taxi driver. He also complained, “The woman is receiving psychiatric treatment because she keeps having nightmares of jumping in the car.”

The police believe that Mr. A was drunk and rioting and is investigating the details of the circumstances.

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