[영상] High performance electric vehicle twins…’AMG EQS EQE’ to confirm ‘80,000 Mercedes’

With ‘MBUX Hyper Screen’
Realize the sound of a virtual engine…”Increase the flavor of running”
“Confirming the throne of the imported car market”

[앵커] Mercedes-Benz is the imported car company that sold the most cars in Korea for seven consecutive years.

Last year, sales were 80,000 units.

This year, we are confident that we will be number one in sales with two pure electric vehicles.

This is reporter Kim Hong-mo.

[기자] The sleek front end is filled with water around the triangular star, which has become synonymous with luxury cars.

The AMG electric car, the Mercedes-Benz high-performance motorsport brand that prides itself on its presence on the race track, greets the driver by diffusing soft ambient lighting.

Based on the information gathered over a long period of time, the AMG EQE/EQS, which includes a 3.5 second zero and 3.8 second by adding electric motor power, is a performance model that emphasizes performance rather than economy fuel. , but has a mid-to-late 300km single charge mileage.

Here, the entire dashboard is made up of screens, and the ‘MBUX Hyper Screen’, which gives the feeling of peering into a car of the future, is set to add a unique Benz sensibility.

[씽크] Yoo Jun-young / Head of Product Strategy Planning Team, Mercedes-Benz Korea : All EQE/EQS 53 models have ‘MBUX Hyper Screen’ as standard.

(‘Hyper MBUX Screen’ located at both ends) extends from A-pillar to A-pillar, showing a full three-dimensional effect as a whole.

And because AMG’s unique UI/UX has been applied, you can feel a very different feeling.

[기자] In response to the perception that the silence unique to electric vehicles makes driving less enjoyable, Mercedes-Benz intends to increase the pleasure of driving by implementing a virtual engine sound that changes the sound range in time real according to the driving mode or the strength of regenerative braking.

[씽크] Yoo Jun-young / Head of Product Strategy Planning Team, Mercedes-Benz Korea : General EQS/EQE only produces indoor sound, but AMG model has an external speaker on the rear bumper so the sound can be heard from inside out too, so you can hear the virtual exhaust sound even outside the vehicle.

[기자] A tracker that can run without circles, it shows performance that has nothing to add to or take away from circuit driving, such as body stability in curves during fast driving and instant acceleration that increases the numbers on the instrument panel as soon as you step on the accelerator.

[인터뷰] Cho Tae-seok / Instructor: I think the acceleration and deceleration functions are very good compared to other vehicles.

The characteristics of the AMG EQ vehicle are the noise and vibration felt when driving on the track, and such a sense of heterogeneity and driving fun… I didn’t expect much at first, but I had so much fun riding it

[기자] Among foreign car brands, Mercedes-Benz, which shows the largest electric vehicles in the domestic market and is stepping on the accelerator to convert all models into electric cars, has set out to confirm its throne in the market imported cars through the electric car AMG model.

This is Kim Hong-mo from Pax Economy TV.

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