[영상] “I didn’t pay for tea!” Power working even when shouting… Passengers who stole taxi fares

〈Video=Online Community ‘Bobae Dream’〉

A video of a passenger who escaped without paying the fare was released despite the driver’s cry that he did not pay the taxi fare.

On the 28th, on the online community ‘Bobae Dream’, a post was posted with the title ‘Taxi fare was stolen’.

According to the author, who identified himself as the son of the driver in the video, on the 26th, around 12:30 a.m., the driver picked up passengers from Sosa Station and moved to Ansan.

The author said, “The passenger appears to have been drinking.” He said, “I went to my destination while having a good night’s sleep, but I was in a hurry to get out of the taxi and calculate the fare while sleeping.” said.

〈Photo = Captured from the online community 'Bobae Dream'〉〈Photo = Captured from the online community ‘Bobae Dream’〉

In the video, the passenger who arrived at the destination said, “I will. I will. Thank you.” As the passengers left, the driver said again, “You didn’t pay for the car.”

The footage following the video shows a driver driving a car chasing a passenger and a passenger walking towards the apartment complex without looking back.

The author said, “I opened the window and told him to pay the fare, and the passenger said, ‘There is someone at home, so I’ll call and tell you to come down with money,’ and then ran away with a huge alarm.” “(Father) 10 minutes After waiting longer, I reported it to the police, and after making a field statement, I went to the police box and filed a report.”

He continued, “Taxi also has peak hours with the most customers. Since I wasted all the time from reporting to the police station until the police arrived, explaining the scene, and receiving the report after moving to the police box, there was no one customer on the road, so I went home as it is. “It’s a job where you have to take responsibility for a family, but it’s upsetting to see cases where the pillars of a family are removed.”



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