[영상] Kiwoom Heroes Lee Jung-hoo presented the hats and uniforms he used himself to children’s fans

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Lee Jung-hoo.

Baseball player Lee Jung-hoo is really serious about fan service.

Lee Jung-hoo participated in the ‘2021 Hope Plus Charity Baseball Tournament’ held at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on the 4th as a player along with his father and legendary baseball player Lee Jong-beom. After all the games, Jung-hoo Lee suddenly started taking off (?) for the young fans who could not easily leave the seat.

The video uploaded to YouTube YUNE YUNE showed the express fan service that Lee Jung-hoo showed on that day.

Lee Jung-hoo, who delivered the hat he was wearing to the young fan over the fence, glanced at him and took off his uniform top. That wasn’t enough, so he started untying his baseball shoes and handed the shoes to another young fan.

In the video taken from a different angle, you can hear the cheers of fans who were moved by Lee Jung-hoo’s fan service.

After taking everything off for the fans, Lee Jung-hoo left the place barefoot.

Jung-hoo Lee explained why he showed the best fan service of all time and expressed his gratitude to the fans. Lee Jung-hoo told Star News on the 6th, “I wanted to give a present because it was the last time I met fans this year. He said, “I think I had a bigger heart because I couldn’t do well at events like fan signings due to Corona 19.” He continued, “Since the season is over, I don’t have any more baseball work this year, so I was able to give you a uniform or shoes. In particular, I threw a lot of balls because I wanted to give a lot of presents to the children who came to watch baseball.”

Lee Jung-hoo has recently publicly expressed his disappointment at the baseball field environment, where fan service cannot be freely performed. At the fan meeting for the 2021 Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) awards ceremony held on the 29th of last month, Lee Jung-hoo said, “In Korea, it is not easy to provide fan service at the stadium. There are many situations where it is difficult for players to provide fan service, such as on the way to and from work or on the road where they have to leave immediately, because the movement lines overlap with the fans. said

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Kiwoom Heroes Lee Jung-hoo took a commemorative photo with his father, LG Twins coach Jong-beom Lee, after being selected as the ‘2021 Best Player Award’ by retired professional baseball players at the ‘Korea Professional Baseball Retired Player Day’ held at the Versailles Hall in Cheongdam, Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the 2nd. are doing 2021.12.2

Lee Jung-hoo of Kiwoom Heroes ranked first in batting average in the KBO regular league this year. Together with his father, Jong-beom Lee, he became the world’s first ‘rich batting king’. Lee Jung-hoo was also selected as the ‘2021 Best Player Award’ selected by retired professional baseball players at the ‘Korea Professional Baseball Retired Player Day’ on the 2nd.

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