[영상] Ministry of Industry improves competitiveness of domestic offshore wind power… “Promoting the growth of the second shipbuilding industry”


The creation of Korea’s first offshore wind power installation vessel was possible thanks to support from various organizations including the Ministry of Industry. Reporter Bae Seok-won continues to report.


Hyundai Frontier, Korea’s first dedicated offshore wind power installation vessel, reveals its grandeur.

We have secured the size of the vessel and the technical capabilities that can install 10MW offshore wind power generation.

It is planned to be placed in the Jeju Tamra Offshore Wind Power Complex from next month, and is characterized by the fact that one Hyundai Frontier can do the installation work without the need to operate a boat for transporting equipment and an installation boat, which is the conventional methods.

[기자 스탠드업]

“Hyundai Frontier, which had an exit ceremony on this day, began research and development in 2019 and took about five years to build. A total of 130 billion won was invested, of which 11.6 billion was invested as government subsidies.”

In 2018, the Korea Energy and Technology Evaluation Institute under the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy announced a national project, and Hyundai Steel Industry carried out the national project, starting to seriously promote the project with all organizations.

A total of six organizations, from Hyundai Steel to the Korea Shipping Register, jumped into the project.

According to the World Wind Energy Council (GWEC), the cumulative global wind energy installation (onshore and offshore) is expected to increase steadily until 2030.

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy also announced that it would continue support at government level to strengthen the offshore wind energy market.

[싱크] Cheon Yeong-gil/Office of Energy Policy of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
“In connection with the supply of offshore wind energy, the government is also fostering an industrial ecosystem involved in the installation and maintenance of turbines, towers, key equipment and materials, and generators. The government will actively support the offshore wind energy industry so that it can grow into a second shipbuilding industry and become our food source in the future.

In addition, he expressed his position that he would continue to address the issue of receiving residents, plans for profit sharing, and communication systems.

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