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[영상] Transgender woman competes in Miss USA… his behind-the-scenes story

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A transgender woman became the first woman to win a beauty pageant in Nevada, USA.

According to foreign media reports such as Newsweek on the 29th (local time), a transgender woman Catalonia Henriques (27) won the crown of victory after defeating 21 contestants in the Miss USA Nevada pageant.

Enriques will become the first transgender woman to compete in the Miss USA pageant in November. If he wins the Miss USA pageant, he will represent the United States in the Miss Universe pageant.

He competed in this competition wearing a rainbow-colored dress that symbolizes sexual minorities.

Enriques said, “I suffered from bullying in school because of my gender identity, and I was even physically and sexually abused. I decided to compete in a beauty pageant to defend transgender rights and raise awareness about discrimination.”

“The journey of my life was not easy and at some point it was a struggle. I fought abuse, mental health issues, but I survived,” he said. “Don’t let differences determine your abilities. Differences make you special.” He shared his feelings about winning.

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