[영상] U.S. officially announces ‘diplomatic boycott’ for Beijing Winter Olympics

The United States has officially announced a ‘diplomatic boycott’ for the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.

A diplomatic boycott means that the athletes participate in the Olympics, but the official government delegation does not.

“The Biden administration has decided not to send a diplomatic delegation to the Beijing Olympics,” White House press secretary Jen Saki said in a press briefing, citing the genocide and human rights violations in Xinjiang, China as reasons.

China has previously said that it will respond strongly if the US chooses to boycott diplomatically, so relations between the US and China are expected to cool further.

Meanwhile, when the United States officially declared a boycott, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida delivered a cautious stance, saying, “I will make a judgment in the national interest, taking into account the significance of the Olympics and the importance of Japanese diplomacy.” The world is paying attention to changes in US-China relations.

(Composition: Yoon-Joo Park, Edit: Hee-Joo Cha)



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