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[영상M] The gang arrested for smuggling scorpions and spiders into a toy box for assembly

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One international mail from China is carefully ripped apart with a stationery knife.

Inside the tape and plastic wrapper is a building toy box.

When I took out the box and opened it, something moved inside the transparent plastic bag along with the toy pieces.

Dozens of pet scorpions are wriggling.

Incheon Headquarters Customs arrested six people, including 37-year-old A, a 37-year-old Internet cafe operator, on suspicion of smuggling scorpions, centipedes, and spiders in assembling toys from March to September of this year.

Arthropods were secretly imported from China, Indonesia and Africa by international mail or sea freight, and the total number was 3,86.

Some of them have been found to be toxic.

About half of the smuggled objects have already been sold through cafe members, and the other half were found in homes.

The customs decided to donate the confiscated 1524 animals to the National Academy of Sciences in Gwacheon, and collect an estimated 17 million won from sales per day.

If the smuggled objects are released, our ecosystem may be disturbed.

In addition, if the animals are not officially imported, there is a risk of safety accidents while raising them.

As such, customs has urged them to go through normal import customs procedures.

In addition, as the demand for keeping exotic animals as pets is increasing, we plan to strengthen monitoring of Internet cafes and SNS.

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