[영화돋보기] Cheonjoguk Scale! ‘Avatar: Waterway’

Source = Naver Film

is a science fiction masterpiece directed by James Cameron that caused the ‘Avatar’ syndrome around the world. (2009) is a follow-up work that inherits the worldview. At the time of the previous work’s release, it was hailed as ‘the end of imagination’ that can be realized as a film, and was a huge box office success in theaters around the world.

The previous work dealt with the story of Jake Sully, a former Marine from the USA who took part in the Avatar Project to study the resources of the planet Pandora, and who merged with the natives of Pandora, the Na’vi. Jake, who was a human being, is influenced by the life of the Navi tribe, where the nature of the planet itself coexists with the intelligent Pandora, and becomes a warrior of the Navi tribe to protect Pandora from human invasion.

shows a slightly expanded view of the world through the appearances of the Navi tribe who have evolved to suit the varied environmental conditions of the planet Pandora. The human invasion of Pandora and the resource development plan, which was once stopped by Jake in the previous work, is currently underway. Humans collect the DNA of Colonel Quaritch, who was killed by Neytiri, a female warrior of the Na’vi tribe and Jake’s wife, while leading the invasion of Pandora in the previous work, and make an avatar with the appearance of the Na’vi in ​​preparation for the invasion of Pandora more precisely. Quaritch’s avatar, whose instinct for revenge against Jake and Neytiri is imprinted in his DNA, goes to Pandora once again to kill the Jake family, the biggest stumbling block to the planet’s development.

Source = Naver Film
Source = Naver Film

As in the previous work, this work shows the pinnacle of film special effects technology. The vast nature of Pandora, perfectly realized with CG, has evolved to become more realistic. (And the duration has also become longer…) The running time of 3 hours and 20 minutes is filled with things to see and do so that there is no time to get bored. The daily life of the Na’vi, who live in harmony with the beautiful natural scenery of Pandora, and the grueling combat are magnificent scenes at almost every moment.

In particular, the new background and the new creatures that live in the ‘sea people’, who temporarily surrender themselves to avoid the threat of war from Jake’s family to their own people, provide a different kind of fun. to the previous work, which was mainly in the dense jungle.

The message that the work wants to deliver remains similar to the previous work. Various social messages, such as the cruelty of violence resulting from human greed, the value of nature, and the bonds between different peoples, are conveyed more strongly in this work. Of course, in this part, some people might point out the inconvenience caused by a kind of ‘PCism (enforcement of political correctness)’ depending on the interpretation point of view.

However, in works where PCism was a real problem, non-story related or fun elements suddenly intervened, and The message we want to convey is completely different. Even if you watch a film without paying attention to the message and focusing only on the story and the action, Contentment is enough.

Source = Naver Film
Source = Naver Film

In an interview with various media, director James Cameron revealed that several other sequels to the ‘Avatar’ series are being produced. In the content of this work, it can be seen that elements are left for the sequence. The story that expanded the avatar worldview with this work can show more in the future is a very expected part.

Even if this work is full of various things to see, it is not without fatigue from the long running time of 3 hours and 20 minutes. For those going to watch a film, it is recommended to go to the bathroom before watching and refrain from drinking while watching, if possible. Oh, and you don’t have to wait for the cookie video after the end credits with the feeling that clues about the sequel will come out like in the Marvel series. This is because there is no separate cookie image. Get up straight after the movie and save your valuable time.

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