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[오늘의 스팀] Iraq War Background, Dark Pictures ranked 6th in sales

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▲ Steam Worldwide Best Selling Ranking as of 11:41 am on October 22nd (Source: Steam official page)

The third installment of the horror game ‘The Dark Pictures Anthology’, which is being produced by Super Massive, the producer of Until Dawn, as an eight-part series has been released. The new ‘House of Ash’ was released on the 22nd and ranked 6th on Steam as the world’s best-selling product.

The third part of the Dark Pictures Anthology series, ‘House of Ash’, is set during the Iraq War in 2003 and deals with the survival of two units who fell to the ruins of Sumerian civilization underground due to an earthquake during the battle and were targeted by monsters. Previously, the two works were pointed out for lack of directing and plausibility in the storytelling part, but this work received a better score than the previous work in Metacritic, along with the media evaluation that it had a sense of immersion. It might be a game play point to check how much the missing parts have been improved.

Next, Football Manager 2022 ranked third. As the latest game in the Football Manager series to be released on November 10, the data hub and match engine have been improved compared to the previous work, and the addition of a new wide center back role in the defensive line will enable 300 tactics to be implemented. It is being sold at 48,600 won, a 10% discount before release, and it supports pre-orders two weeks before the release date for pre-orders.

In addition, the deck-building roguelite puzzle game Inscription ranking fell by one notch, and Resident Evil Village and Forza Horizon also fell to 9th and 10th. Raft survival game Raft and Divinity: Original Sin 2 entered 7th and 8th places with a sale, and Hearts of Iron 4 DLC No Step Back advanced to 8th place with pre-orders.

As of October 22, 11:41 am, the top 20 most concurrent viewers on Steam (Source: Steam)
▲ As of 11:41 a.m. on October 22nd, the top 20 highest concurrent viewers on Steam (Source: Steam)

The rising trend of Dead by Daylight, which ranked 8th by achieving 10687 concurrent users in the top 20 highest concurrent users per day (as of 11:41 am domestic time), is eye-catching. Destiny 2 went down to 11th place, while FIFA 22 re-entered 19th place in the lower-mid and lower-middle ranks, and Back 4 Blood was pushed out of the 20th place.


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