[오늘의 운세] April 01, 2023 Horoscope by Chinese Zodiac

[ 쥐띠 ]
Although there is luck, there is no great benefit in terms of practicality, so make an investment that matches your well.

Born in 1948: If you dig deep into a problem, you will find a way out.
Born in 1960: Today, in everything I do, I blame myself for being dissatisfied.
Born in 1972: It is lucky to spend the day with visa issues or paperwork.
Born in 1984: Remember that money cannot buy a man’s honor.
Born in 1996: This is the day when conflicts arise due to differences of opinion.
Born in 2008: It is a difficult day to do what you think.

[ 소띠 ]
It is like sowing seeds on the snow, so it is easy to see the fruits or be deceived.

Born in 1949: I can’t tell the difference between a person who is only good at talking, so I think he will be shot in the foot.
Born in 1961: The borrowed money is bought by Hamheung, so it would be better to give up early.
Born in 1973: If you can’t afford a card and do it again, you’re showing yourself to be a fool.
Born in 1985: You don’t have a job, but there are many worries in your heart.
Born in 1997: This is a day to look forward rather than profit.
Born in 2009: There’s a long way to go and it’s a busy day.

[ 호랑이띠 ]
Those with family concerns are likely to be blessed or have a lot of potential for misfortune.

50-year-old: It hurts my heart to see my brother who came out late trying to get on.
Born in 1962: The outcome of everything is ultimately up to you.
Born in 1974: If the child is sick, run to the hospital without delay.
Born in 1986: You seem not interested in Buddhist prayers, only interested in ashes.
Born in 1998: It’s a day to quietly build inner stability.
Age 10: The dark clouds have retreated and it’s a clear day.

[ 토끼띠 ]
If something seems to be resolved, but it is not resolved, you cannot stay put, and if you act in vain, you will lose a lot.

Born at 51: You don’t have to work until you borrow money, so refer to it.
Born in 1963: The expansion of an octopus’s foot eventually leads to destruction.
Born in 1975: My husband is fortunate to have given up his job.
Born in 1987: Be careful with your wallet and money. Beware of the bullies.
Born in 1999: This is a day to humbly receive advice.
11th year: It’s a day to make a big bowl.

[ 용띠 ]
It’s a day when the number of move variations dominates the day, so those who can’t solve the problem will find a clue to the answer, and those who succeed will struggle.

Born in 1952: I will be busy moving for propaganda.
Born in 1964: Due to a document problem, he scrambled to find a good lawyer.
Born in 1976: This is the day when you can see the number of business trips or trips with your husband.
Born in 1988: Get ready for a trip with your lover for a great weekend.
Born in 2000: This is a day to reflect on yourself.
Age 12: This is a day where exceptional wit and wisdom will stand out.

[ 뱀띠 ]
If your dream is wild, it must be an ominous sign. It requires care and attention.

Born in 1953: Suffers from peer embarrassment.
Born in 1965: When the contract ends, giving them money to leave is the way to avoid embarrassment.
Born in 1977: If you feel relaxed before the weekend, you will have trouble handling your work.
Born in 1989: Be careful not to damage items or tear the clothes you wear.
Born in 2001: This is a day that will not compromise with injustice.
13-year-old: Flowers fall, but it is a day to bear fruit.

[ 말띠 ]
Even if you feel angry or face difficulties, do not be in a hurry and need wisdom to give stability and tolerance.

Born in 1954: Interests on paper are intricately intertwined.
Born in 1966: Even if there is a physical accident, do it with law rather than emotion.
Born in 1978: Going out with your wife is auspicious, going out with your lover is ugly.
Born in 1990: Remember that the country only lives when Hyo lives.
Born in 2002: This is a day that demands only on the right path.
Born in the 14th year: This is the day when prosperous fortune arrives.

[ 양띠 ]
Since the dragon fetched the water, where can you mess with the harmony? It is best not to step out as much as possible.

Born in 1943: If it’s a frustrating paperwork problem, there are signs that it will be solved.
Born in 1955: It is advantageous to give up honor and take advantage.
Born in 1967: Investing is risky, insurance etc. create profit.
Born in 1979: This is the day when you make fun of the junior club with vulgar words.
Born in 1991: It’s still too early.
Born in 2003: This is a day to meet a helper and gain great strength.

[ 원숭이띠 ]
If you are interested in buying real estate, buy one that is located south of your home.

Born in 1944: It’s like auction items the owner hasn’t met are scattered all over the place.
Born in 56: Avoid the main room or the front door to the north.
Born in 1968: I follow the joy of having children, and my day is fun and comfortable.
Born in 1980: You will spend a rewarding day doing the same thing over and over again.
Born in 1992: This is a day to stay away from small people and be careful.
Born in 2004: It’s a day when I meet you by chance.

[ 닭띠 ]
Disasters are gone and blessings are many, so a day is a comforting day.

Born in 1945: My reputation is high and my work is going well.
Born at 57: Financial gains will follow and problems with the opposite sex will be resolved.
Born in 1969: Trying to reconcile with mother-in-law, who was also sad, so lower people should take shape.
Born in 1981: I am in a difficult situation after hearing the confession from my friend’s girlfriend.
Born in 1993: It’s an unpleasant day with heavy rain and wind.
Born in 2005: This is a day to keep the center of your heart.

[ 개띠 ]
It is a day when Shinsoo is at peace, so fortune improves and the family is also peaceful.

Born in 1946: The blocked channels of wealth are bursting.
Born in 1958: As much as I worked hard on advertising, the product will sell a lot.
Born in the 1970s: When peers are trying to get things done, helping with one arm is beneficial.
Born in 1982: The help of a pig or dragon brings benefits.
Born in 1994: This is a day that will not be enough no matter how careful you are.
Born in 2006: This is a day to look forward and move forward.

[ 돼지띠 ]
In the midst of chaos in all directions, you will finally find peace, First you will find disgrace and later auspicious.

Born in 1947: Sometimes showing a strong side is beneficial.
Born in 1959: A child who hurts inside now becomes a filial son later.
Born in 1971: Even if you are far away, the blood bond is not going anywhere.
Born in 1983: Reading books is study, but field experience is also very useful.
Born in 1995: This is a day to encounter high ideals and reality.
Born in 2007: This is a day to be relaxed and patient.

Provision of fortune = divine power

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