[오전브리핑] Criticism of Gensler’s decision, where did half of North Korea’s missile launch funds come from?

SEC Chairman Gensler who sued Binance and Coinbase: “The cryptocurrency market is full of scammers”

US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chairman Gary Gensler spoke at a fintech conference held at the Piper Sandler Exchange and said, “We need to clean up the cryptocurrency market,” Cointelegraph reported on the 8th (local time). Chairman Gensler said, “The cryptocurrency market is like the US stock market in the 1920s, before the Securities Act came into effect. Citing this example, he said, “The cryptocurrency market must also be protected based on this law.”

Solana: “SOL is not a guarantee”

When the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently declared SOL tokens to be unregistered securities, the Solana Foundation protested. According to CoinDesk US, the Solana Foundation said in an explanation on the 8th (local time), “We challenge the US SEC’s definition of the SOL token as an unregistered security.” It is a community software project that expands and evolves with the participation of users and developers.”

“Half of the money needed for North Korea’s missile launch was obtained through cyber attacks”

Erin Plant, vice president of research at Chainalysis, recently <코인데스크 코리아>the frequency of North Korean cyber attacks has been reported to be increasing. “Money stolen through cyber attacks is being used for North Korean missile launches,” Plant said. Chainalysis is currently discussing with the South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs the issue of the theft of cryptocurrency (virtual assets) from North Korea. Vice President Plant said, “North Korea launders money on several central exchange (CEX) or central bank service systems, some of which are located in South Korea. He emphasized.


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