[오피셜] Neymar 6-8 weeks out. Injury and brutality following PSG transfer

▲ Left ankle injury Neymar is out for 6-8 weeks

▲ Brazil’s ace, but the Menaldo era overlapped. 0 Ballon d’Or awards on the treble

▲ Despite his splendid personal record, his wings were broken due to an injury at the decisive moment

▲ 2nd in all-time scoring in match A in Brazil, 0 trophies in major tournaments

[골닷컴] Reporter Park Moon-soo = Self-management is also a skill, but even without luck, it is too little. Neymar lay down once more. This time it’s a left ankle injury. 6 to 8 weeks out. The worst was avoided, but it looks like he’ll be on the pitch in February of next year.

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On the 29th (local time), this media ( ‘France Edition’ reported citing Rekief and RMC Sports that ‘Nymar, who was injured in the match against Saint-Etienne, was judged out for six weeks’. PSG also said in an official statement that Neymar is expected to be out injured in six to eight weeks.

Here’s the situation: During the match against Saint-Etienne on the afternoon of the 28th (Korean time), Neymar was injured in the 39th minute of the second half due to a back tackle from the opposing defender Macon. Macon’s unsportsmanlike tackle was also a problem, but the bigger problem was that he bumped into an opponent’s foot during landing and broke his left foot.

As a result of the diagnosis, the worst seems to have been avoided. Instead, long-term colonization is inevitable. It is expected to take about 6 weeks to recover.

The good news is that they can return in time for the UEFA Champions League round of 16. The same goes for the Brazilian national team. The victory over Colombia made Brazil the first South American team to qualify for the World Cup. Thanks to this, Neymar’s absence in the South American qualifiers in January does not appear to be a problem.

However, Neymar’s frequent injury departures are problematic in many ways. In the case of Neymar, it was far from the image of a glass body. Prior to joining PSG, the degree of spinal injury in the quarterfinals of the Brazil World Cup against Colombia was an issue. Even with this, Suniga’s unsportsmanlike foul was a problem.

It’s different after entering PSG. Above all, injuries are too frequent prior to major tournaments such as the World Cup. In February 2018, he was sent out for three months due to an unsportsmanlike foul by his opponent against Marseille. For the already tough League 1 defenders, Neymar was a good prey. It was also a problem that no action was taken for the subsequent fouls.

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Not even a small injury. So-called impact injuries are on the rise. Although he was called a ‘trickster’, the constant unnecessary and unsportsmanlike fouls by the League 1 defenders were a problem.

He suffered an injury during the 2018/2019 season and had to watch PSG get out of the UEFA Champions League. In the summer of 2019, he suffered an injury just before the Copa America. At the time, Neymar broke his right ankle during the Coupe de France round of 32 match against Strasbourg and was on the operating table.

He came back from an injury at the end of the season, but he was still not in good shape. In the end, he suffered another injury in a friendly match against Qatar just before the Copa America and had to watch Brazil become the South American champion. In the Qatar match, the player was injured alone, but in all previous injuries, the opponent’s unsportsmanlike foul was a problem.

Last season, he was unable to play in the Champions League round of 16 against Barcelona due to a thigh injury. Neymar was injured during the Coupe de France round of 64 match against Caen. Again, the opponent’s unsportsmanlike tackle was a problem. Neymar was defeated in a round and round match against Saint-Etienne. Bad things followed, such as an unsportsmanlike foul from Macon and an incorrect landing motion in the process of falling.

After the injury, Neymar announced on his social media that he would return in good health. It takes 6 weeks to recover. This is bad news not only for PSG, which dreams of becoming the top European champion with the MNM trio, but also for Brazil, which is aiming to win the World Cup next year.

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