[우크라 침공] Russia missed it… ‘Fire at civilians’ video released

Russian armored fighting vehicle fires at unarmed civilians… NYT verified “real video, not manipulation”

Bombed village road near Kiiu, Ukraine (not directly related to the driver)

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(New York = Yonhap News) Correspondent Ko Il-hwan = It has been confirmed that a video was captured of the Russian military occupied Ukraine firing at civilians passing through the street in broad daylight.

The New York Times (NYT) released an aerial video taken by the Ukrainian military on the 6th (local time) saying that it has secured another evidence to support the massacre of civilians by the Russian military.

The victim in the video, taken last month, when Russian troops occupied the Bucha, was a civilian in casual clothes.

According to the video, the victim approached the intersection on a bicycle.

As the victim got off the bicycle before the intersection and walked around the corner, the Russian army’s armored fighting vehicle opened fire.

Then, as another armored fighting vehicle fired at the victim, gunpowder smoke and dust rose from the scene.

The New York Times explained that through a separate verification process, it confirmed that the video filmed by the Ukrainian military was not tampered with.

The New York Times also reported that the body of a civilian victim was found at the scene of the incident, which was captured on video after Russian troops withdrew from the car, weeks later.

Traces of heavy weapons used by armored fighting vehicles remained around the victim, wearing the same attire as in the video.

As a result of video analysis, the Russian military combat vehicle that attacked civilians appears to be a BMD-4 airborne armored personnel carrier. The BMD-4 is equipped with a 100mm heavy weapon.

The bodies of numerous civilians were found in the truck that had been withdrawn after the Russian army had occupied it for more than a month.

The international community, including the United States and Europe, has defined and condemned the actions of the Russian military as a war crime, but Russia dismissed it as a manipulation.

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