[유통단신] Tony Moly, ‘Tony Moly 5-Day Market’ promotion

[로이슈 김영삼 기자] Tony Moly announced on the 26th that it will be holding a ‘Tony Moly 5-Day Market’ promotion where you can enjoy deep discount prices and unconventional benefits for sun care products and basic color products from the 27th to the 31st.

This ‘5-day market sale’ promotion, which anyone using Tonymoly can benefit from, is ‘Red Retinol Radiance,’ available at Tonymoly’s official online hub, ‘Tony Street’ and out- Tonymoly line nationwide, which provides intensive care for elasticity and wrinkles The company explains that it intends to introduce products with various benefits, from sun care products including ‘Sun Essence’ to basic and color cosmetics such as ‘Wonder Ceramide Mochi Toner’ and ‘The Shocking Tinted Lip Balm’.

First of all, Tony Moly sun care products, including ‘UV Master Airism Sun Stick’, a hypoallergenic sun care product to protect your skin from strong UV rays, are available at a 50% discount, and ‘Triple Collagen Total Tension Toner’ , which is excellent for moisturizing and elasticity, and pore control Around 30 basic cosmetics, including ‘Paharaha Apple Peel Zero Pore Ampoule’, which is effective for skin care, are also offered a 50% discount, said the company.

An official from Donymoly said, “The unconventional ‘Tonymoly 5-Day Market’ promotion, which runs for 5 days only, is an unprecedented promotion prepared for customers who love Tonymoly.” and coloring products at a reasonable price, and I hope it will help effective skin care.”

Kim Young-sam, Lawissue Reporter

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