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[이슈톡] Dead crabs and crayfish piled up to the waist on a British beach

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A pile of dead sea creatures were found on a beach in northeastern England, and the Environment Agency has launched an investigation.

The first keyword is “Crawfish swarms on the British coast with carcasses piled up to the waist”.

Killed crabs and crayfish are scattered along the coastline.

Thousands of dead crustaceans have been found in a coastal town in North Yorkshire, northeast England.

CNN quoted a resident as saying that seaweed had already been piled up to waist height on Monday.

This is not the first time marine life has been killed in swarms.

According to the BBC, reports have been made over the past few weeks in Red Car, Norkshire, and resorts near the North Sea of ​​the River Teeth.

A local media reported that the Environment Agency is investigating the possibility of an accident due to industrial pollution in order to determine the cause of the shellfish deaths.

The expert explained, “It may be an extreme weather phenomenon or a disease,” but “it is unusual for multiple species to be affected at the same time.”

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