[이지혜 한의사]Immunity is an important herbal cold treatment

Immunity is an important herbal cold treatment

Lee Ji-hye, Korean medical doctor (Chief Director, Cheongju Whoo Oriental Medicine Clinic)

On May 11th, there was an endemic declaration of Corona 19. In terms of the time period, many things have changed and adapted over a period of 3 years and 4 months. Awareness of hygiene such as masks and hand washing and the importance of vaccination is representative. However, apart from the disappearance of Corona 19, it is not uncommon to hear that people around you have the flu. In fact, according to a survey by the Korean Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on the 20th, the number of flu patients in a month is said to be an unusual increase of 26.5%. Reasons for the long-term flu epidemic are predicted to include large diurnal temperature differences, increased activity in the spring, and easing of COVID-19 quarantine measures.

Corona 19 mentioned for the first time corresponds to ‘cold’ in a broad sense. Among more than 200 viruses that cause colds, rhinoviruses and corona viruses are representative. Flu is caused by the flu virus and is somewhat similar to the symptoms of a cold, but more severe. Babies, pregnant women, and the elderly need to be especially careful because it can cause complications such as pneumonia along with a high fever of 28 degrees or higher, severe headache, and muscle pain along with respiratory symptoms.

As the air conditioner is turned on earlier than usual due to the rapidly rising daytime temperatures, the number of air conditioning illnesses also increases. Air conditioning disease often occurs when the body cannot adapt to a large temperature difference from the outside due to air conditioning.

Colds, flu, air conditioners, etc., which may seem similar, help the body to overcome the process more easily through symptomatic treatment rather than a clear cure. This can be confirmed by the fact that the common cold medicine we take includes antipyretics to reduce fever, analgesics to relieve pain, antihistamines to stop a runny nose, and antitussives to treat coughs and phlegm. In this regard, oriental medicine is building its own field to boost immunity.

The image of ‘restorative medicine’ may occupy most of the image of oriental medicine, but there are many patients who find it difficult to think about treating a cold in an oriental medicine clinic. (Of course, adaptation supplements for each individual increase the general condition of the body and help make it more resistant to colds and other diseases than before taking it.) However, colds, flu, air-conditioning diseases, and etc. which has been researched and established under the name etc., and systematic treatment and prescription have been carried out, and the effect of herbal medicine is excellent.

Socheongryongtang, commonly used for runny nose and colds, contains medicinal herbs such as ephedra, white peony, Schisandra chinensis, licorice, health, sessin, and gyeji. Similar to prescribing antihistamines and nasal decongestants for a runny nose in Western medicine, among the medicinal ingredients that make up Socheongryongtang, ephedra contains ephedrine and is effective in anti-allergic action and treatment of cough caused by muscle spasm bronchial smooth. In addition, peony has the effect of preventing the secretion of nasal mucus due to hyperactivity of the parasympathetic nerve by acting similarly to anticholinergics. Herbal remedies prescribed by modern oriental medicine are often pharmacologically similar to Western medicine.

Herbal medicine also has the effect of boosting immunity, as described above, and can prevent illnesses such as colds. For people with low immunity, such as people who have a cold for a long time even though it is not flu, people who have side effects such as a cough or a runny nose for several months after suffering from a cold, and people who suffer from four. or more colds a year, they can fix their problems with personal prescriptions and improve their body It is desirable to consider herbal remedies that increase general immunity.

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