[이태원 핼러윈 참사]Prime Minister Han Deok-soo “Strong measures will be taken based on the results”

By the 15th from the damage report… Urgent safety inspection from the 10th

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Prime Minister Han Deok-soo speaks as he presides over the Itaewon accident major script meeting in the situation room of the Central Security and Disaster Countermeasures Headquarters in the government complex in Seoul on the 5th. | Yonhap News

Prime Minister Han Deok-soo said on the 5th in relation to the ‘Itaewon Halloween disaster’, “We will take strict measures according to the outcome and explain it to the public in detail.”

Prime Minister Han presided over a meeting of the Central Disaster Countermeasures and Security Headquarters (middle script) at the government center in Seoul on the same day and said, “Today is the last day of the national mourning period, and tomorrow will be funeral procedures. be completed with the exception of some foreigners.”

“The government will review the national security system as a whole so that such an unfortunate accident does not happen again,” he said. He continued, “Until the trial period is completed, we will ensure that we take care of necessary issues through the main script and the apprenticeship headquarters. “Support is possible I will make it happen,” he said.

Prime Minister Han said, “I sympathize once again with the bereaved families who must have had a more difficult time than ever.

The government ends the national mourning period for 24 hours on this day. However, the period for reporting damage due to the Itaewon crushing disaster was extended from the 8th to the 15th of the original week. The main script said, “This is to ensure that people who were injured in this accident do not get medical help because there is not enough time to report the damage.”

In addition, the government decided to carry out emergency security inspections for local festivals and multi-use facilities such as concert halls and stadiums for a month from the 10th. In addition, it was decided to promote measures to improve subway congestion in Seoul, such as reinforcing security personnel at major subway stations with severe congestion and preparing structural facility improvement plans through on-site analysis by experts in firefighting, security, and facilities.

As of 9 am on the 5th, the death toll from this disaster is 156, including 26 foreigners. A total of 196 people were injured, including 33 seriously injured.