[이 시각 세계] China abolishes mandatory quarantine on entry … Travel searches surge

This is the visual world.

As China decides to abolish the mandatory quarantine for those arriving from abroad from January 8 next year, searches on online websites about traveling abroad are soaring in China.

Chinese people are trying to travel abroad in time for the government’s new quarantine policy.

On the 26th, within an hour of the announcement of the policy by the Chinese authorities, one travel site increased the number of searches for international flights more than eightfold.

Visa searches also increased tenfold.

In particular, during the Lunar New Year holiday, which lasts for a week from the 21st of next month, searches for foreign travel increased.

The most popular foreign travel destinations were said to be Japan, Korea, and Thailand in that order.

Anticipating a sudden increase in the number of Chinese travelers due to this measure by the Chinese authorities, Japan announced that it would conduct a Corona 19 test for people who entered the country from China or visited China within a week of r 30th.

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