[인사이트] Why is Apple (AAPL) acquiring AI video startup ‘Wave One’? By Infostock Daily

[인사이트] Why is Apple (AAPL) acquiring AI video startup ‘Wave One’?

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[인포스탁데일리=박광춘 기자] Apple (NASDAQ:) (Apple) acquired AI video extrusion startup WaveOne last week.

The market is analyzing Apple’s acquisition of Wave One in order to provide efficient streaming services such as Apple TV.

According to IT media TechCrunch on the 28th, Wave One’s website was shut down around January.

Most of the executives and employees, including one of the co-founders of Wave One, are known to be transferred to and work at Apple.

Bob Stankosh, former head of sales and business development for Wave One, previously revealed details of the sale to Apple in a LinkedIn post. ‘

“After spending the last two years at WaveOne, the company was sold to Apple last week,” Stankosh said.

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Wave One was founded in 2016. Meanwhile, it has been in the business of making the paradigm of AI-based video codec.

WaveOne is known to be able to reduce the size of video files by more than half, regardless of hardware, and extract better images from complex scenes.

Investors view WaveOne’s potential as high. Prior to the Apple acquisition, it raised more than $9 million from a number of investors, including Incubate Fund, Omega Venture Partners, and Blue Ivy.

Apple intends to provide an efficient video streaming service by acquiring Wave One.

“Small improvements to video compression can reduce bandwidth costs or allow services like Apple TV+ to offer higher resolutions and frame rates depending on the type of content being streamed,” an industry expert explained.

Meanwhile, YouTube is already doing this. Last year, Alphabet’s DeepMind applied a machine learning algorithm originally developed to play board games to YouTube’s video compression problem, reducing the amount of data the video-sharing service would need to stream to users by more than 4%.

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