[인터뷰①] This is Ji-hye from ‘Uh Mag’ “Just looking at Jin Ki-joo made me cry, my eyes were playing tricks”

picture explanationSeo Ji-hye revealed the process of appearing in ‘You who happened to meet’. Picture | Just Entertainment

He was a truly lovely lover himself. Actress Seo Ji-hye (27) made her mark with ‘You, who I met by chance’.

Seo Ji-hye plays Lee Soon-ae, a pure and sparkling literary girl, in the Monday-Tuesday KBS2 drama ‘You, who I met by chance’ (directed by Kang Soo-yeon and Lee Woong-hee, and written by Baek So-yeon).

‘Extraordinary You’ is a strange and beautiful time travel story about two men and a woman who were held captive in 1987. Haejun Yoon (played by Kim Dong-wook), a man who seeks the truth behind a serial murder in the past , and Yoon- Young Baek (played by Jin Ki-joo), a woman who tries to stop her mother and father’s marriage ) realize that their goals are connected to each other and come up with a story to solve the cause.

Seo Ji-hye heard it while filming her previous movie, ‘Going to You at 493 km’, and it became pure love as “destiny”.

She said, “I had an audition, but the director saw my video and said he wanted to see it because he thought it matched the image of pure love. I was so grateful to have been able to be with them, and it was a lot of pressure at first. I still lacked skills, and I wondered if I would be a nuisance to my seniors. I had a lot of peers in my previous job, but this time I had a lot of seniors, so I worked hard because I didn’t want to be a burden.”

Then, about Sunae in 1987, “When I read the script, the part I thought was difficult was that even though I was a senior in high school, I felt young and seemed frustrated . I tried to increase persuasion by adding love to the character itself, and I paid a lot of attention, starting with the gait and looking at the eyes without any intention. I acted thinking about what the normal Sunae would be like and how I would have walked.”

Seo Ji-hye revealed the points she thought were important when acting the role of Soon-ae in 'You I met by chance'.  Picture |  Arc Media

picture explanationSeo Ji-hye revealed the points she thought were important when acting the role of Soon-ae in ‘You I met by chance’. Picture | Arc Media

The high synchro rate between Sunae from 1987 and Sunae from now (played by Lee Ji-hyun) increased the level of immersion in ‘You, who happened to meet you’ and earned a reputation as ‘perfect casting’.

In response, Seo Ji-hye said, “I think they look alike. When I said he would take the same role as me, I approached him cautiously because he wanted to see me, but he said he liked it a lot. He is a very proud person. As we met each other, ate and drank coffee, we talked about how each of us had seen Soon-ae and what had happened to the current Sun-ae. I felt good when I heard that I resemble senior Jihyun and also strangely resemble senior (Jin) Kiju. I was glad to say there was chemistry. In the drama, it was fun because all our family members, including Soon-ae’s parents, gathered together,” he said with a smile.

How it was breathing with Jin Ki-joo, who plays Yoon-young, who becomes a mother-daughter relationship and friend in the drama.

He said, “Looking at my relationship with Jin Ki-joo, it feels like mother and daughter have changed. I feel like my sister is my mother and I feel protected. It was a feeling that is very difficult to put into words. Even the director said it was a melodramatic scene, and that they both had deep feelings. There was affection for each other, and it was sad to look at unnie’s eyes. Tears came to my eyes just looking at my sister’s face. My sister’s eyes are deceiving. I fell deeper into him just by looking at him,” he said, expressing his gratitude.

Also, regarding Kim Dong-wook, “There are not many connections in the drama, but the senior does not feel like a solver? The one that was on the field. When I felt I had to do something, I initially asked how it was, and he was encouraging. He was also a teacher in the drama, but he gave me jelly like a tsundere. He was a person who cared for all of them without a care.”

Seo Ji-hye expressed her impressions of working with Jin Ki-joo, Kim Dong-wook, and Lee Won-jung.  Picture |  Just Entertainment

picture explanationSeo Ji-hye expressed her impressions of working with Jin Ki-joo, Kim Dong-wook, and Lee Won-jung. Picture | Just Entertainment

Seo Ji-hye showed a fresh and affectionate romance with Lee Won-jeong, who plays the role of Hee-seop, in ‘You by chance’.

About Lee Won-jung, he said, “It’s the same with the character. He has a lot of talent and is full of energy. There are also many jokes. He was trying to lighten the mood. In the drama, Hee-seop came to me, not knowing what to do, but I think that’s more comfortable for me. Instead of thinking of them as a couple in the future, I focused on Hee-seop and Sun-ae now.”

Running towards the end, the search for the real culprit in Woojeong-ri’s murder continues.

Seo Ji-hye said, “We also continued to reason about who the criminal was on the set. Even when family and friends asked, he never said so. Even if the actors who finished filming asked me first, I kept the secret until the end. Check it on air,” he asked to stay on air until the end. (Continued with interview ②)

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