[인터뷰②] Tiffany Young, Dreaming About You is ‘Forever Young’

picture explanationTiffany Young expressed her feelings after completing 15 years since the debut of Generation for Women. Picture |Sublime

(Following the interview ①) Tiffany Young, who made a perfect impression as a positive actor through ‘The youngest son of a conglomerate family’. When asked about the reactions of Generation Generation members, he said, “They were so amazing, they liked them, and they were happy.”

“The members were very happy, to the point of saying ‘I’m so amazed that this is your first work because Tiffany is as passionate about acting as she is about music.’ Thank you very much for saying ‘I knew you would make a good choice’. Even though it was Christmas Eve, he sent me a text message saying, ‘It’s the day of the ‘caebol house’ (laughter).

Generation Generation, who are an absolute part of Tiffany Young’s life, successfully completed their regular album title song ‘Forever Young’ to celebrate their 15th anniversary this year, showing their strength.

Tiffany Young had a perfect time as a member of Girls’ Generation, but she was also perfect as a solo artist, including ‘The youngest son of a conglomerate family’.

“I did a solo album in Korea in 2016. I directed Girls’ Generation’s TaeTiSeo several times, and in the meantime, the timing was right. Starting from that work, I became much more involved in writing lyrics and composing, and from then on, I had the will to develop my own story.”

Space was also important to open the will. 2017. That was the moment I left SM Entertainment, which I had loved for 10 years.

“When I was young, I really liked SM’s style of music, and if I could dream it and resonate with my heart, at the point where I could choose my own freedom at 27, my priority was to develop driving. power and judgment to find my own story and message, so I decided to go to America. I think it happened. Fortunately, the composers I liked, who worked with Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande, were close to composing and writing lyrics, and at the same time, I went to acting school.”

After that, he produced his own solo album and went on to become a musical actor. The entire process of Tiffany Young’s solo career was a time of learning for her. (Of course, not to mention Generation Generation’s time with SM.)

“The reason I wanted to be an artist was to follow my dream, but that was because I was comforted by them. I also wanted to convey that comfort, but why was it inside me when I was in my 20s? I think I spent time making the reason and the root of the time the question mark of “What’s wrong with you?” Because of that time, I think I was drawn to works like ‘Chicago’ or scripts like ‘The Youngest Son of a Conglomerate’. I was able to practice being able to speak out about what I was attracted to.”

Tiffany Young said, “I think I gained the energy to keep moving forward” through Generation Generation’s 15th birthday activities. What about the far younger kids he sees, the 4th generation girl groups that are currently ‘trending’? When asked about the younger girl group, Tiffany Young’s expression immediately changed to her trademark half-moon smile.

“So good. It’s so much fun. Everyone is so good. I have so much fun every time a team comes out, and I don’t know at the time when they’re active, but I want to get up his heart at the total stimulation that each of them gives to each other, although I wonder how difficult the process of preparing for the end of year stage is.”

Tiffany Young gave strong support and advice to the 4th generation women's group.  Picture |Sublime

picture explanationTiffany Young gave strong support and advice to the 4th generation women’s group. Picture |Sublime

I did not forget the advice of a senior officer. He said, “Everyone is doing very well, and we have to make good use of this timing to go further.”

In particular, Tiffany Young expressed her infinite pride that Generation Generation’s first song ‘Reunited Worlds’ is receiving much love in 2022 as a cross-generational ‘Youth Fun Song’, saying, “It seems we’ve lost our way, and ‘Are we over?’, ‘We’re not hit songs anymore. Even now when you’re thinking, “Is there a message?”, it would be nice if we put more pressure on the fact that we can create more synergy when focusing on what kind of message to give.”

After tasting the positivity properly as ‘the youngest son of a conglomerate family’, he emphasized, “I really want to try a film.” “With one script, I want to express myself in front of the screen by devoting every minute and every second. Personally, I really like movies, and the reason I started singing was because I was watching ‘The Little Mermaid’, and I also hope that a ‘Korean Disney Princess’ will be born one day. I want to try a dark but funny character. I want to show something beyond what the public can imagine.”

He said the adapter he wanted to have as an actor was ‘a storytelling artist’.

He said, “Whether it’s music or acting, I really want to take (this modifier). These are two very simple words, but I want to become an artist who is curious about the story that Tiffany has to choose and makes people think, ‘I’m curious about what Tiffany is doing.'”

She quietly presented the story of Tiffany, who turns 34 in 2023, in her heart.

“From a certain moment on, I have my principle of ‘Listening 80 Talking 20’ (that is) more than me, what is happening, and what concerns I have around me. The first thing is to find the concerns around me and concerns that I can relate to, but as a woman in her 30s, I worry about what kind of role and existence I can become in this world , and can I express my voice. . The concern I had while playing Rachel this time was that it is important and valuable to speak out, no matter how small the voice. That is the biggest message in my heart.”

I looked back at 2022, which was completely filled with the “Chicago” nationwide musical tour, Generation Generation activities, and “The youngest son of a conglomerate family.”

“Meeting a good production team and a good environment, it was a moment that really came from my heart and I was excited and grateful. In the future, I want to live a life with a good balance between working hard and living hard. I signed a contract with a new company after 5 years and I want to create various activities. Please look forward.”

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