[인터뷰] P1Harmony “Average age is 18.6 years old, fearlessness is our strength”

picture explanationP1Harmony Jongseop, Theo, Giho, Jiwoong, Soul, Intak. lFNC Entertainment Pictures

Group P1Harmony (Kiho, Theo, Jiwoong, Intak, Soul, Jongseop) achieved another career high through the 5th mini album ‘HARMONY: SET IN’. According to album sales aggregation site Hanteo Chart, ‘Harmony: Set In’ recorded Chodong Initial sales of 132,000 copies, which is the sum of album sales figures for one week from the release date, surpassing its predecessor ‘HARMONY: ZERO IN’ in Chodong Initial It achieved about 20% higher than the sales volume (104,000 copies). P1 Harmony, who I met in a recent interview, is young and confident.

Symbol said, “It takes a lot of strength and effort to prepare an album.

The whole process of unraveling the teaser, track video, and music video was thrilling and moving. I’m glad I liked the result so much because I worked hard. It’s an album that I like musically, so I wanted to show that P1 Harmony has grown.”

P1Harmony will hold a live tour in 12 cities in the United States next year.  lFNC Entertainment Pictures

picture explanationP1Harmony will hold a live tour in 12 cities in the United States next year. lFNC Entertainment Pictures

‘Harmony: Set In’ is an album that talks about the steps of true harmony to become completely one in different values. The title song ‘Back Down’ contains a message of unity and progress, saying that we should not be afraid and back down, but go through together. In particular, Intak and Jongseop participated in writing the lyrics for “Back Down”, adding more meaning to the song.

Intak said, “If the previous title song ‘Doom Du Doom’ had a lot of melodic parts and tried to give points to that part, in ‘Back Down’ I wanted to show rapping a little more intensively. The word ‘back down’ has a feeling of ‘step away’, so I made the words so that listeners can feel pleasure.”

The viewing point of the stage is the spectacular performance, which is the strength of P1 Harmony. Jiwoong said, “This is the hardest performance I’ve ever done,” and Kiho said, “The choreography is difficult, but I did my best to show a harmonious appearance on stage. As a result, I think we have being able to create a platform similar to P1 Harmony.”

Also, Intak said, “What I felt was definitely difficult about this song was turning my head or making facial expressions while falling down was the freestyle. I think dancing well means expressing yourself the way you want to express yourself with confidence. In that respect, it was a time when I felt I had grown up because I felt that ‘now I could express a lot in this area’.”

P1 Harmony wants to win first place in a music show in 2023. Photos lFNC Entertainment

picture explanationP1 Harmony wants to win first place in a music show in 2023. Photos lFNC Entertainment

P1 Harmony will hold ‘2023 P1 Harmony Live Tour – Plus Stage H: Pioneer’ in 12 cities in the United States, starting with Seoul on January 14-15 next year. After opening the US performance in Los Angeles on January 20 next year, they will meet global fans by traveling to Oakland, Denver, Houston, Chicago, Atlanta, Redding, New York, Washington DC, Nashville, Austin and Dallas.

When asked why fans worldwide seem to like P1 Harmony, Intak said, “I think they like our free image. Even if you turn on live, you can play and talk freely, and you seem to be having fun in that part. Also, they’re happy with the trivial pranks that come from our closeness.” In response, Ki-ho added, “It’s just showing the chemistry that comes out naturally, but I thankful you love that.”

Debuting in 2020, P1 Harmony is one of the youngest boy groups with an average age of 18.6 this year. When asked if his relatively young age had an effect on his activities, Jong-seop said, “I think it’s quick to be exposed to information about music. As we are trying to find more musical trends, I wonder if it will be reflected in the content that can be shown to the public,” he said with a smile.

To the same question, Intak said, “I think it’s an advantage that I’m not afraid to try anything. Usually, when making music or performing, we have to think about many things, but we prioritize ‘what we want to do’. Showing a challenging image is the strength of the team.”

After a busy year with three comebacks in 2022, P1 Harmony were hoping to perform on a bigger stage next year.

“I want to stand on a very big stage. I hope the concert ends well, and my aim is to gain strength from it and show a great performance on a bigger stage.” (Jiwoong)

“I think we’re getting cooler with each comeback, and hopefully our team will get even cooler with multiple comebacks next year. Also, I want to stand on a bigger stage than now, and if I can, I want to perform in Japan, where I was born.” (Soul)

“I want to stand on the stage of the year-end awards ceremony next year. And, as every team would hope for, I really want to win first place on a music show.” (Symbol)

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