[인터뷰][Y터뷰] Kim Gun-woo “I lived with an advance payment from the agency until filming ‘The Glory’… Now it’s all paid off” ①

Actor Kim Gun-woo quickly emerged as a popular actor through the Netflix series ‘The Glory’, but he did not hide the situation he had suffered financially before, and it was a surprise.

On the afternoon of the 23rd, Kim Kun-woo had an interview to commemorate the release of the Netflix series ‘The Glory’ at a cafe in Sogyeok-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, and conveyed his feelings. He took on the role of ‘Son Myung-oh’, the lowest in the school’s group of perpetrators of violence, and enhanced the level of immersion in the drama by portraying three-dimensional characters.

Kim Gun-woo showed a strong presence by playing the role of Kim Tak-soo in the 2017 KBS 2TV drama ‘Fight for My Way’, his first film after the release.

After controversy for the first time, it seems that he managed to get explosive attention in a relatively short period of time, but he revealed that there have been difficult times in the meantime. Kim Gun-woo admitted, “I fell several times at the last gate and the time I was selected was not long. So I thought it was okay to continue acting.”

That’s how I met ‘The Glory’ at the moment when I was thinking about my path as an actor. He recalled, “The process of meeting Son Myung-oh was ordinary. The company contacted me and I auditioned and entered. I had a strong desire to help in some way by developing my passion.”

I kept slipping in the audition, but the reason I couldn’t give up was because I had the idea that I was doing well. He added, “There was a lot of disappointment, doubt and hardship, but as I kept falling from high obstacles, I couldn’t give up because I thought, ‘I’m doing well’.”

During the period when he was not filming, he received financial support from his agency. Mr. Kim Gun-woo said, “There was an appearance fee in the past, but I lived with an advance payment from the company in anticipation that the appearance fee would come later. Now, I have paid back everything I got.”

They say they realize the rise in popularity of the success of ‘The Glory’. He said, “Too many people recognize me. It’s amazing that they recognize me even when I wear a mask and go to a cafe, and the number of SNS followers has also increased. At first, there were 2,000 people, but now there are more than 100,000.” I’m on the easy side, so I’m not excited,” he said.

Meanwhile, ‘The Glory’ depicts the story of a woman whose soul was shattered by violence in her childhood, who risked her entire life to carefully prepare a dire revenge and those who fall into the vortex . Part 2 was released on the 10th, and since then, it has been receiving explosive love, coming in first in the Netflix TV category for two weeks in a row.

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