[자료] Ranking of countries for NFT acceptance– Philippines 1st, Thailand 2nd, Japan lowest

[블록미디어 최창환 선임기자] According to the ‘Global NFT Acceptance Report’ conducted by Finder, the Philippines ranked first.

It is interpreted that the people have easy access to NFTs because Exi Infinity (AXE), the originator of P2E games that make money while playing games, was popular in the Philippines.

In the Philippines, 32% of those surveyed already own NFTs and 9.5% have plans to buy them.

nft acceptance country ranking – finder survey

This survey was conducted by Finder, an internet financial services company, in September of 28,723 people in 20 countries. Korea was not included in the survey.

11.9% of the survey subjects own NFT, and 9.4% plan to purchase, and 20.9% of all are accepting NFT.

In addition to the Philippines, Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam have high acceptance of NFTs.

Venezuela, which ranked ninth, is also using Exi Infinity as a source of revenue, such as recruiting scholarship students to play Exci Infinity at a programming school.

Overall, third-world countries top the list for acceptance. Developed countries such as Singapore, Canada, Australia, Germany, the United States and the United Kingdom occupy the bottom positions.

Exi Infinity imitated Pokemon’s characters, but Japan’s acceptance of NFTs, the originator, was at the bottom.

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