[재미있는 오늘의 운세] March 21, 2023

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[재미있는 오늘의 운세] March 21, 2023 (Tuesday, February 30 of the lunar calendar, zodiac sign horoscope / date of birth today)

* Today’s fun horoscope from Gasan Saju Research Institute is rearranged around the generation that shines in SNS culture, focusing on solving questions at that age. The analysis focused on the development of yin and yang and the five elements. Daewoon, Yeonwoon, Gyeokguk, Hap and Chung could not be considered, so they were not used as analysis data. It’s literally fortune today for fun.

the year of the rat

◆ Year of the Rat

Born in 1972: It must be a case of doing the business again.
Born in 1984: I will receive a successful application in a public sector project.
Born in 1996: Opportunities may come, so I must grab them unconditionally.

the year of the ox

◆ Year of the Ox (丑)

Born in 1961: Preparation and hard work are the keys to success.
Born in 1973: It would be a wise choice to challenge at this time.
Born in 1985: Wealth will pile up like a mountain.
Born in 1997: Documents luck will be great.

tiger belt

◆ Beomti (寅)

Born in 1962: I will be recognized for content and creativity.
Born in 1974: I will show my excellent ability in the field of education.
Born in 1986: New ideas will be recognized and succeed.
Born in 1998: There may be something to meet.

rabbit year

◆ Year of the Rabbit (卯)

Born in 1963: It must be important to pray fervently for clean water.
Born in 1975: I will maintain business momentum flourishing day by day.
Born in 1987: The work I started now will go well, and the old work will also work out.
Born in 1999: I will do well in everything I do.


◆ Dragon (辰)

Born in 1964: I must prioritize people over money.
Born in 1976: Business expansion will take off like wildfire.
Born in 1988: Unexpected luck will come.
Born in 2000: A new love may come.


◆ Snake (left)

Born in 1965: The luck of wealth will change to a very good one.
Born in 1977: I will win the business I want.
Born in 1989: You have to be greedy to do things.
Born in 2001: There will be good news if you work together.

the year of the horse

◆ Year of the Horse

Born in 1966: It would be nice to see him for a long time.
Born in 1978: I need to find a harmony that suits me.
Born in 1990: A new business will gain trust in the market.

the year of the sheep

◆ Year of the Sheep

Born in 1967: I will do something that others have not thought of.
Born in 1979: Now is an opportunity, so I have to grab it.
Born in 1991: If you do a food business, you can make a big difference.

the year of the monkey

◆ Year of the Monkey (申)

Born in 1968: The business will expand, and people will come.
Born in the 1980s: Now could be an important moment.
Born in 1992: You can block all bad luck with your mouth.


◆ Year of the Rooster

Born in 1969: All painful things will be resolved.
Born in 1981: There will be many things to enjoy.
Born in 1993: If you really desire anything, it will come true.

year of the dog

◆ Year of the Dog (戌)

Born in 1970: I wish I could start working again.
Born in 1982: If you work hard with a desperate heart, it will come true.
Born in 1994: The results will be greater than I thought.

the year of the pig

◆ Year of the Pig (亥)

Born in 1971: I will have popularity and money.
Born in 1983: I will greet the best opportunity.
Born in 1995: I will be able to meet people in the spring again.


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