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[전국][단독] Police officer who became a ‘corruption suspect’ after reporting internal corruption

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There was a case in Ulsan where a manager-level employee who was in charge of facility construction and budget at the police station was released from his position and even under investigation following a whistleblower that he was suspected of collusion with a company.

The prosecution, who took over the case with the opinion of indictment, recently released the results of the investigation, and there were no criminal charges.

It turned out that the police officer, who was dismissed from his position and received an investigation, found out the internal corruption and saved the budget.

A police officer who covered up the matter to be investigated and rather investigated the employee who discovered the corruption.

Reporter Cha Sang-eun followed the case.


Police Officer A, who has been working mainly in the budget work of the police.

However, as he became the subject of investigation in December of last year, his position was dismissed and he has not been able to go to work for over ten months.

The family of Kyung-Jung A filed a national petition to the Blue House saying that she was not a corrupt police officer and appealed to reveal the truth, but the police believed that they had a close relationship with the company and have been investigating.

However, after 10 months of taking over the case, the prosecution came to a conclusion of acquittal due to insufficient evidence.

According to the prosecution’s judgment, Police Officer A is being investigated as a corrupt police officer by his colleagues without any clear evidence.

YTN traced the background of the case of A, which was concluded to be innocent.

In February of last year, Police Officer A, who was appointed as the head of the Ulsan Southern Police Station, discovered a strange part while examining the construction estimate that came in during his predecessor.

It was an estimate sent by a company in Ulsan that was in charge of waterproofing the arsenal, but it was confirmed that the construction area and amount were inflated.

[A 경정 / 울산경찰청(직위해제) : 담당 부서가 가져온 견적서를 확인해보니까 평수가 너무 부풀려져 있어서 객관성을 유지하기 위해서 경찰서와 거래한 업체 말고, 새로운 업체를 참여시켜서 견적을 다시 받아본 거죠.]

Gyeongjeong A, who had stopped the construction contract, conducted a competitive bid at the lowest price instead of a private contract, and a company in Busan was selected and the construction was completed.

In order to check whether the words of Gyeongjeong A are true, we obtained construction estimates from two companies and compared them.

The construction area submitted by the Ulsan company, which had signed a contract, was 196㎡.

The construction cost is said to be 8.21 million won.

A Busan company that participated in the competitive bidding offered a construction cost of 4.26 million won for 136 square meters, the same as the actual area.

[당시 공사 참여 업체 : 가로 곱하기 세로 하면 면적이 나오잖아요. 도면상에 명확하게 면적이 있어요. 담당자가 그 면적을 불러줬거든요.]

If there was no confirmation from A, the construction would have been carried out according to the estimate submitted by the existing company by inflating the area.

Judge A’s claim is that after discovering that the construction cost was inflated, the construction was carried out at the lowest bid instead of a private contract with a specific company, and that the poorly operated cafeteria was also normalized to save the budget.

In the meantime, opinions came out only to investigate construction companies suspected of taking extortion, but it was understood that the intention was to cover up the past.

Even after discovering the circumstances of corruption, there has not been a fact-finding investigation into past contracts, let alone an investigation.

However, not long after, suspicions were raised that Police Officer A was collusion with a Busan company that was in charge of the construction, and some employees internally complained that Police Officer A had insulted their personality.

In the end, police officer A was transferred to another police station in October of last year.

A month later, he was converted into a suspect, starting with a search and seizure of his home and office, and had to withdraw his hands from all work.

In response, the Ulsan Police Agency said that it could not give specific details to the outside because the disciplinary procedure for police officer A is in progress.

This is YTN Cha Sang-eun.

YTN Cha Sang-eun ([email protected])

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