[전국][제보는Y] Serious disciplinary action for athletes in spectator seats…”Is the Taekwondo Association’s decision fair?”


A middle school team that participated in the Chungcheongnam-do Taekwondo Championships was suspended for 6 months, and the coach was suspended for one year.

However, the reason for this serious penalty was that ‘a person thought to be a parent in the audience was screaming at the referee’.

Not only the parents, but also the sports club raised the issue, but the Taekwondo Association does not cancel the disciplinary decision.

The report is reported by Y, Yang Dong-hoon.


On the 24th, Chungcheongnam-do superintendent taekwondo competition.

A tournament official will take the microphone and announce the disciplinary results.

“Leader 000 suspended for a year and Cheonan school team 000 suspended for 6 months…”

Serious Disciplinary Decisions Against Some Middle School Teams and Coaches.

The reason was that a person thought to be a parent had made a disparaging comment to the referee in the audience.

An executive from the Chungnam Taekwondo Association came up to the podium and even bowed to the referees saying he was sorry.

“I am very sorry for being treated like a dog asking if that is a referee.”

The parents of the players who have been mentioned as targets for disciplinary action are ridiculous.

He also released a screenshot of the game scene in question, saying he was talking to himself a little louder while cheering.

“The referee has to do it. Isn’t that too much? What does the referee do? What does the referee do?”

Instead, parents said that their children were greatly affected by the game that followed as they announced the discipline and even broadcast the names of the schools and players over the speakers.

[A 씨 / 학부모 : 심판진분들과 관계자분들이 나오셔서 저희 아이의 이름을 거론하시고…. 저희 아이는 뒤에서 펑펑 울고 있었고 나머지 경기를 뛰어야 하는 아이들도 추운 데서 덜덜 떨면서….]

As a result of the confirmation, these disciplinary actions were not in the regulation.

According to the Sports Fair Committee’s disciplinary standards, it is impossible to discipline players and coaches for parental disruption.

Therefore, it was revealed that the Chungnam Provincial Sports Association, a higher level organization, also conveys the view that the disciplinary standards are being misinterpreted on the spot.

In these circumstances, the disciplinary decision has not been overturned.

Then, some Taekwondo leaders raised suspicions that the disciplinary incident happened because of opposition to the school’s coach.

In fact, the Internet newspaper where the executive of the Chungnam Taekwondo Association, which announced the disciplinary action, the deputy representative, had a large portion of the content criticizing the coach in related articles.

[충남 지역 태권도 지도자 : 협회 임원과 중학교 코치와 개인적인 감정으로 인해 이런 말도 안 되는 징계가 내려진 것 같습니다. 개인적인 문제로 아이들에게 피해가 가서 매우 안타깝게 생각합니다.]

In a phone call with YTN, an official from the association refused to answer, saying, ‘I have nothing to say because the disciplinary action has not yet been completed.’

I went to the office after asking for a detailed explanation, but no one was there, and no phone contact was made.

For the disciplinary action to be completed, it must be reviewed by the Chungnam Taekwondo Association Sports Fair Committee.

Parents are restless, saying that if the absurd punishment is not withdrawn, their children will not be able to take part in the National Sports Festival, which will be held in two weeks’ time.

[B 씨 / 학부모 : 엄마, 우리 충남 소년체전 뛸 수는 있어? 갈 수는 있는 거야? 나 대표 못 되는 거야? 아이들이 그런 걱정이 굉장히 커요.]

This is YTN Yang Dong-hun.

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